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The PlayStation Update 2-17-2015

Posted February 17, 2015 by Kenesu in News

This weeks theme for PlayStation seems to be Puzzles and Card games to help tickle that gamer brain of yours. From classics such as Q*Bert and Treasures of Montezuma to new brain teasers like Hands of Fate and Pillar, your itch for puzzlers will definitely be tended to in this weeks list of newly released PlayStation Games. Deadman’s Cross is finally making its way to the PlayStation platform after having a strong successful start in the android market (4.7 billions downloads of success to be exact). Though if your not one for puzzles, don’t fret, as we have Dead or Alive – Final Round for those that wish to knuckle up with the hugest DOA roster ever and The Order: 1886 for those that want to dip back into epic times and fight for their place in history. Check the list of games below for a mini-breakdown of what PlayStation is offering us for this week.

Deadman’s Cross:

In this Free to Play Online Shooter/Strategy Card Game, you’ll set out on missions to search, destroy, and capture Dead-men (zombies) that have taken over the city, forcing everyone to stay locked within their homes in hopes to stay clear out of harms way…. except for you. After capturing your Dead-men, you’ll head out to the Bone-yard Site to engage in Dead-men Duels via Card Battles, which are hosted by a popular TV program that takes pride in pitting dead-men hordes against one another in a diabolical death-match. These dead-men all range from human forms to animals and even plants,so be sure to stay alert to your surroundings when in pursuit of them. You can play this game solo or go online and climb the ranks by battling others in 1 v 1 card battles and see who’s the true master of the Dead-men Duel. With Square Enix as the games creator and over 4.7 billion downloads already racked up on android devices alone, pretty sure you won’t be left with a bitter taste if you do choose to try this game out. This game is available for purchase right now in the PlayStation Store only for the Vita at the moment.

Dead or Alive 5 – Last Round:

With 2 new characters added to the roster and 2 old-school fan favorite stages making a comeback to the game, Final Round is shaping up to be the best DOA fighter within its series. Not to mention Last Round will have a 34+ characters in the game, the largest character roster in DOA history. Though it hasn’t had the same success as its other competitors (Tekken & Street Fighter mainly), Final Round is looking to make some noise within the fighting game community and I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw it do so this year. This game is available right now for purchase in the PlayStation Store and can also be bought in stores for the PS4.

Hand of Fate:

Move over Hearthstone, we have another card game that’s looking pretty promising in its arrival. Be sure to have your deck armed and ready before entering the Thirteen Gates and meeting the Dealer, as he’ll set up your dungeon layout in the form of encounter cards that host your quest and missions. From here is where you’ll embark on a journey of quest, combative and non-combative encounters thought could easily lead to your road to glory or an untimely demise, and boss fights with skeletons, lizard-men and rat-men alike. Your fate lies within your hands, LITERALLY. So build your deck wisely and discover what this action-RPG/deck builder/strategy game has to offer. This game is available right now for purchase on the PlayStation Store for the PS4.

The Order: 1886:

Having been in development since 2010, there’s been a lot of time and energy put into this game and if you were able to catch the 15 minute game-play trailer that aired at E3 in 2014, you clearly saw the greatness that Ready at Dawn has been crafting these past few years. Finally coming to the PS4 on the 20th of this month, you’ll take control of Galahad, a member of the elite order of knights who fights with an arsenal of advanced technology at his side. Journey with Galahad through London as he wages ware against a colossal threat that’s sure to shake the history books in this epic 3rd person shooter. This game will be available for purchase via PlayStation Store and through retail stores on the 20th of this month for the PS4.


Ever watched those gossip TV shows and thought that you had what it took to stalk celebrities the way they did to get their dirt? Ever wondered what the lifestyle of the paparazzi was really like? Well, wonder no more, as Paparazzi puts you and another player in a cat and mouse situation where one is the celebrity that’s trying to dodge the paparazzi while the other player plays the role of the paparazzi and controls a camera that hovers over the stage and tracks the celebrities every move using the Dual-shock 4 Motion Controls. Though this is a game of cat and mouse, they do benefit from working with each other at times, as getting successful snapshots of the celebrity gains the paparazzi money and also gives the celebrity adoring fans through heightened dignity. So this is basically a battle of Dignity vs Money, as money can be lost by the paparazzi if you take too many unsuccessful shots as well as dignity can be lost if the celebrity keeps too low of a profile. Though a simple game at the core, there is a good amount of strategy that comes into outplaying your opponent and using them for your benefit while they drown in their own puddle of misery & failure. If the life of the paparazzi is what you’ve been itching to get into, this game will definitely be perfect for you. This game is available for purchase right now through the PlayStation Store for the PS4.


What may look like a collection of mini games in the beginning truly won’t be the case once your able to scratch beneath the surface of this unique puzzle game. As you lead a crew of individuals separately through a snowy town that they’ve gotten themselves lost in while searching for an ancient artifact that’s said to bring great knowledge and understanding to its wielder, you’ll embark on individual journeys with each character, as they’ll all have their own story with each ones mini-game playing out in accordance to their own personalities set within the game itself. Playing as a Psychological Puzzle game, you’ll often find puzzles within puzzles that you’ll need to solve before progressing on to the next person and so on and so on. Lead each character through psychological journey and help them all find the knowledge and understanding that lies before them. This game will be available for purchase on the 18th through the PlayStation Store for the PS4.

Q*Bert Rebooted:

If you remember playing this classic game in the arcades back in the 1980’s then you’ll be happy to know that the formula of the game is just the same as you’ll remember it from back then, though with 3D game play enhancements and upgraded difficulty for the hardcore Q*Bert fans out there. Though the formula of how to play the game sticks to its roots, there are some new features and visual details within the game you’ll come to explore and love. For one, the cubes have been replaced with hexagons, giving a little more freedom and creativity for new unique level designs. Time and Score Challenging modes have been added to the game. There are also new enemies that all have their own patterns of movement and tactics, as well as new playable characters, power ups, gems to collect, and traps. Same game… just a little added flare to bring in new Q*Bert players while challenging the old-school veterans at the same time. Its just as fun and engaging as before and if you loved it then, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll love it even more this time around. This game is available for purchase through a AWESOME 3 way Cross-Buy option through the PlayStation Store for the PS3, PS4, & the Vita.

Trivial Pursuit – Live:

You feel like your the ultimate trivia king? Are you and your buddies the ultimate trivia team and dare anyone else to try and take your trivia thrones? Well you may want to get your hands on the new Trivial Pursuit Live and test out those theories of yours, as this trivial pursuit is everything that you’ve come to know and love from the original game PLUS more. With a new sleek look and tons of new and revamped questions, your trivia know how will definitely be put to the test, with only the true trivia king/queen to rise of all. This game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store for the PS3 & the PS4.

Treasures of Montezuma: Arena:

Having owned Treasures of Montezuma Blitz on my old vita, I definitely know how addicting this game can be to try and get the endless sets of combo chains and rack up thousands of points while doing nothing but sitting back and watching your score skyrocket (I miss my vita now). Finally making its appearance to the console world, enter the Montezuma Arena and triumph by matching 3 stones of the same color to score points and used artifacts as power ups to help create and/or extend combos for more points and equip totems to fight off creatures that threaten to interrupt your combos and drop your score. If your feeling like your someone of a beast and watch to take your Montezuma game to the next level, enter the Multiplayer Arena and battles others locally or online and have your scores ranked for the world to see your greatness. This game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store for the PS3 & the PS4.

What do you think about this weeks release of games? Any of these you’ve been looking forward to? Which ones do you plan on picking up asap? Leave your comments below and I’ll be back next week to update you on what Sony has in-store for us next week within the PlayStation Store. See ya.

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