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GP Picks 2/27/2015

Posted February 28, 2015 by Kenesu in Features
GPPicks copy

Hey there fellow gamers, Kenesu here to suggest to you guys/gals some awesome games to play this weekend in another installment of GP Picks. A great amount of games have coming out this week from multiple genres but don’t panic, Kenesu is here to help you decide on what you should check out that’ll satisfy your gaming needs. Check the list below for a quick rundown….

htoL#NiQ – The Firefly Diary

If your hankering for challenging strategy adventure game that’s filled with puzzles lurking around every corner, then Firefly Diary is a game you’ll definitely want to check out. Help Mion as she awakens at the bottom of a old ruin with no memory of how she got there and tries to get back to where she came from while also trying to regain her memory with the assistance of 2 Fireflies who each assist her in leading her to safety in their own unique way. When going through the “World of Light” she’ll follow the lead of Lumen, the light firefly who’ll help her move freely about the stage and keep her out of harms way. Though when monsters appear in the shadows who aim to do her harm, she’ll need to head to the shadows and switch to the “World of Shadow” and be assisted by Umbra the shadow firefly who’ll take out the shadow monsters and help her flip switches to progress through certain parts of the stage. For a deeper breakdown of the game and a full review of what it has to over, check out the awesome review written by one of my GP Siblings, Nightingale Silva, Click the link here for the review. The game looks amazing and the game play is very challenging for any levels of gamers out there. If you own a Vita and love strategy/puzzle games, you definitely need to get this game.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Fans of the Kirby series will definitely fall in love with this newly designed game from they classic series. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse has you guide Kirby through the a hand crafted clay world with the flick of your stylus over your Wii U Pad. Draw on the game pad in which direction you’d like him to go and watch as a rainbow colored clay rope appears for Kirby to follow and tread upon. Tap on Kirby on the Wii U Pad to have him blow through multiple obstacles set on stage and attack bad guys in his path as well. As far as transformations go, the game-pad gives multiple options to tap on to transform Kirby at specific times, such as a Submarine, a Tank, and a Rocket just to name a few. It’s Kirby as we always knew him but set in a new world with a new control scheme that’s sure to add depth and enjoyment to the game for anyone playing.


Originally released in the Android Market and making a great showing on that platform, GravBlocks+ makes its Wii U eShop Debut in GravBlocks+. On the surface it appears to be just another traditional match 3 blocks to score type of puzzle game though when you factor in having to switch the pace of gravity to maximize your scores and watching out for wall hazards and environmental dangers that can disrupt your scores and combos, you’ve got a completely new kind of match 3 puzzle game on your hands. Learning how to adjust the gravity to your favor when dropping and matching blocks all while avoiding whats called “Destruction Hazards” that are set on the wall with the help of “Wild Blocks” is going to be your key to maximizing your score and staying in the game. Though the game is considered a port, the Wii U version has been upgraded and redesigned for old and new players of GravBlocks+ to enjoy. Boasting a rebuilt engine, a new story mode with extra accomplishments to unlock, enhanced graphics, and 50 more puzzles for added game-play. There’s over 150 challenges in total to tackle and 5 game modes to choose from that will have you aiming for the highest score possible in their own rights. Definitely worth a play-through if your already a fan of the game or simply one who enjoys puzzles and/or a new challenge.

Super Mario Kart (SNES)

For my Retro GP Pick I wanted to go with something that I was actually playing last night on my computer ala SNES Emulator, the ever so classic Super Mario Kart for the SNES. If you had a gaming childhood like mine then you definitely enjoyed turning on your SNES with SMK in it and racing for hours and hours trying to get the best track time possible and then inviting your friends over to roast them in each and every track and watching their faces express every road rage emotion possible. SMK is said to be that game that can literally start fights and end friendships from a “right before the finish line” red shell connecting and sending you from 1st to 7th place in a blink of an eye and I’ve DEFINITELY witnessed these moments first hand. With 8 cups to race within and 3 Circuits to master, your gaming driving skills were definitely put to the test as you often had to decide if you wanted to hold that banana peel just in case someone sends a red shell your way or let it go and hope to get something better at the next item box point. This is one of those racing games where your lead spot is NEVER SECURE and you can have your lead taken from you just as quick as you got it. Its thrilling, addicting, nerve-wrecking, and exciting all wrapped up in one bowl of fun. A great gaming experience for anyone of any age and gender. There’s honestly no reason not to play this game…. unless you just truly suck at it. Even then, there’s fun that can come with last place ala Lightning Item.

So what did y’all think about this weeks GP Picks? Leave your comments below and check back next week for what I suggest for you guys/gals to try out and play. See ya!

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