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GP Picks 2/20/2015

Posted February 21, 2015 by Kenesu in Features
GPPicks copy

How’s it going, gamers? It’s Kenesu here giving you a rundown of what I feel you guys/gals should be playing this week on your consoles and handhelds. A ton of games have come out this week which is pretty awesome for everyone. Platformers, Shooters, Fighters, and even Puzzlers have all made a splash within the gaming community this week, a lot of which you can check out in my “PlayStation Store Update” of this week, as well my buddy Nightingale’s “Whats New in the Nintendo eShop” article. With that being said, these are my picks on what I feel you all should be playing this weekend. Enjoy

The Order: 1886

With gorgeous cinematic game play boasted within this 3rd person shooter, join Galahad on an epic journey through history as he takes on a powerful threat that’s sure to change the course of history. You’ll have an arsenal of weapons and advanced technology at your disposal as you wage war against a powerful ancient organization known as Half-Breeds who have grown in size and strength and have over-taken the streets of London in attempts for mass domination. With intense game play and dramatic cut scenes filled with action and suspense, this game is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. This is by far the best looking PS4 game to date with great game play to back it up, making it a #1 contender for Game of the Year already.

Pokemon Shuffle

This is where Candy Crush meets Pokemon cross paths and mesh for a hit. Embark on a Pokemon journey as you attempt to catch Pokemon by matching up Pokemon in rows of 3 or more to score points within a given set of moves and conditions to abide by. Once weakened, you’ll have the opportunity to catch them and add them to your team to be used as support Pokemon that can possibly aide you in by-passing certain threats and conditions that may pop up while your trying to capture wild Pokemon. This Free-to-Play Pokemon game is currently free for download in the eShop and is highly recommended for those who are fans of the Candy Crush series and are also fans of the Pokemon series. A very addicting game and with Pokemon added to the mix PLUS it being Free-to-Play, how can you NOT want to give it a try?

DOA: Final Round

Hop in the ring once more with Ayane, Kasumi, and 32 other combatants as DOA knuckles up once more to prove who’s the true king of the ring in their latest installment, Final Round. This DOA showcases 34 playable characters, 2 of which are brand new to the series and brand new fighting arenas as well as a couple old school stages being tossed into the mix to add a feel of nostalgia to the game. Fast paced hand to hand combat executed in a paper/rock/scissors style of play, this is not a game for button mashers, as those simply mashing away against experienced DOA veterans will surely be countered and punished every time and pummeled into submission. If you want to survive in this game, perfection in execution is the key to victory. As one mistake in this game can be the result of you being…… Dead or Alive (ha ha, you see what I did there?)

Donkey Kong Country

Undoubtedly one of the greatest platform games ever made, Donkey Kong Country is one game that I seriously recommend EVERYONE to play this weekend. While the story isn’t the greatest, the game play is amazing and challenging in its own right. You’ll traverse through each stage by running and jumping off of baddies, rolling off the edge of platforms and then jumping at the last minute Ala Leap of Faith, blast through barrels, and ride atop helpful creatures scattered throughout the game such as Winky and Rambi just to name a few. The level designs are unique and amazing to date and offer different ranges of difficulty within each level. The real challenge in this game wasn’t beating the game itself but rather collecting everything while in the process of doing so. I personally can run through the entire game in about 4 hrs or so but finding every hidden bonus area, collecting every banana, balloon, KONG letter and golden animal token will prove to be difficult task, even when you know where everything is. For a true nostalgic platform challenge, dust off that SNES system of yours and give this game a go. You’ll clock in a couple hrs out of nowhere and won’t even realize it until your face to face with King K. Krool himself, haha.

So what do you guys think about this weeks GP Picks? Do you plan on getting your hands on any of these games this week? Leave you comments below and check back next Friday for what we here at GP suggest to feed your gaming needs. See ya!

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