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Gaming Precision Presents: Bunneh3000 vs. Evolve Beta: Defense Mode

Posted February 10, 2015 by Bunneh3000 in Previews

The Evacuation Mode of the Evolve game is an interesting way to give consequences to whether or not an online multiplayer match is won or not. You are essentially still playing the 4 monster hunters vs the monster formula in various different objective based modes. Hunt is the basic monster versus hunters battle to see who wins. Rescue has the hunters searching for colonists trying to get them to an extraction point before the monster eats a majority of them. Nest finds the hunters trying to destroy a number of eggs before the monster hatches them and has ‘mini-monsters’ roaming the map to take the hunters down as well. Defend is the final variation where the hunters defend the ship as it fuels up for the grand escape.

As I played through this mode I found that one thing stood out. In order to ‘complete’ this mode, you’d have to play 5 successive matches which each can take from 8 to 15 minutes or so. Do the math and you are possibly looking at over and hour to complete this excursion along with load times and other people dropping out and popping back in at times.

Also, if you are playing against a CPU driven monster, the difficulty is sky high. The AI for the monster is unrelenting and the CPU is great at focusing on one hunter at a time and taking them down quickly with precise directed attacks. Only a well organized team with timely usage of all gadgets will be able to take down these monsters.

Speaking of monsters, the beta also unveiled a new monster variation called the Wraith. While I did not encounter this beast in the game, knowing that this monster has stealth and can fly could only mean that objective based games will be harder on the hunters who have Trappers that aren’t paying attention to the need for their tracking capabilities. Playing as Griffin with his sensors helped since you could stage areas to monitor. Playing with Maggie and her alien dog would seem to be a bit harder as the dog needs a scent and runs after the beast which basically has little to no footprints.

Also, playing the game seemed to increase my awareness of the hostile plantlife and animals in the beta. Repeatedly I was trapped by carnivorous plants and ambushed by small groups of aliens as I blindly ran after a shadow of the monster I saw in the distance. This will certainly keep things interesting.

Knowing that there are different characters for each of the classes who each have different tools is great. I spent most of my time playing as a Trapper so my experience so far is there. A few times I saw the importance and benefit of the medic which is typically the monster’s first target. The medic can slow the beast with tranquilizers and then tag areas on the beast that the rest of the team can use to do additional damage. The Trapper on the other hand can immobilize the beast long enough for the support character to call in a strike from above for maximum damage. It’s important that those two characters work in harmony foremost for quick damage.

As for playing as the monsters, the Extraction mode seems to lighten the load a bit since the monster isn’t always the focus of the slaying on each variation. Using stealth to catchup to the hunters and ambush them becomes more and more important to eventually key in on important match bonuses as rifts to allow you to teleport, more animals to feast on and evolve, plants to eat that heal you, and additional minions to even the odds a bit.

The fun and intensity is definitely there. The different elements of this new mode definitely work. One can only still wonder if there are more modes to come including a single player campaign.

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