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What’s New on the Nintendo eShop 12/18/2014

Posted December 18, 2014 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in News

Happy Thursday one and all! It’s time for the Nintendo eShop update, where Nintendo updates the eShops on both the Wii U and 3DS, giving us new games, demos, and sales.

Wii U downloads this week: 

  • Cake Ninja 3: The Legend Continues 

  • Plenty of Fishies 

  • Toss N Go 

  • 99 Moves 

  • Meme Run 

  • Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion 

 Wii U Virtual Console service: 

  • Natsume Championship Wrestling 

  • Mega Man Zero 

 Wii U demo: 

  • Art of Balance 

 3DS games at retail: 

  • Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D

 3DS downloads this week: 

  • I Love My Horse 

  • Toys vs. Monsters 

  • Fairune 

  • Mes Comptines 

  • League of Heroes 

  • Asterix the Mansions of the Gods 

 3DS demos: 

  • Urban Trial Freestyle 

  • Cube Creatore 3D 

 And now it’s time for eShop sales!!!

In light of Mega Man’s anniversary, the Nintendo eShop is having Mega Man games for up to 50% off until December 22nd.

Sales on 3DS eShop only:

  • 1001 Spikes, VVVVVV, along with other Nicalis games are on sale starting on December 19th-January 5th.

 Sales on Wii U eShop only: 

  • Little Inferno is 50% until January 1st ($9.99, now $4.99).

 Sales on both 3DS and Wii U eShops: 

  • Nano Assault, Art of Balance, and other Shin’en titles are on sale until January 14th.

  • SteamWorld Dig is 50% off until January 1st.

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