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Tech Curse’s Top 3 Games of 2014

Posted December 23, 2014 by Ivan "Tech Curse" Mashkov in Features
Evil Tech Curse

It’s that time of year. It is time for everyone at Gaming Precision to talk about their favorite games from this year, from 2014. This year we’re doing our top three games and I have my favorites lined up.

Kerbal Space Program

My top title of this year was Kerbal Space Program. I’ve invested 216 hours into this title as of this writing, and I don’t regret a second of it. If you haven’t heard of this title, then here’s a quick primer. Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulator that has you launching rockets and spaceplanes of your design from the planet Kerbin. This title features a full planetary system with realistic spaceflight mechanics and cute little green men, not the ones from Toy Story.

What makes this game fun is the sandbox nature of it. You can create some amazing and crazy launch vehicles. Just take the modules (crew capsule, fuel tank, parachutes, engines, and so on) and snap them together for a ton of fun. Add in the amazing mods that this great community has created and you’ll never leave. I’ve probably spent even more time watching YouTube videos of people creating more insane rockets and spaceplanes with the incredible mods that the community has churned out. Kerbal Space Program will take a lot out of your PC, but it’s worth it.

If you’re looking to check this game out, then here are some basic pointers for you:

  • Play the tutorial. I made the mistake of skipping it and not having a clue. You need to know how basic orbital mechanics works in order to play this game. Play the tutorial or check out some of the amazing YouTube videos the community has created.
  • Install some basic mods. It is as easy as copying a file. I’d recommend the Kerbal Engineer and the Alarm Clock. They help you a lot without taking away the challenge of spaceflight. Stay away from Mechjeb! That mod just does everything for you, and the game becomes boring fast.
  • Enjoy yourself, experiment and remember – crashing is fun!

Grand Theft Auto V

My second pick of 2014 is Grand Theft Auto V. I’m talking about the current generation version of this hit 2013 game. I’ve spent countless hours in GTA Online just screwing around or exploring San Andreas. The addition of the first-person view has changed the way I play this title radically. I can’t stop heading to Sandy Shores Airfield in order to get a chopper or plane. I don’t do anything with them, but just enjoy flying around the map.

The first-person view isn’t the only new feature or improvement, but it is the biggest one. There are a few tweeks here and there, but it is remarkably similar to the last generation version of this title. This extends to GTA Online’s loading times as well. It’s not like Rockstar can improve your internet connection through video game design. Sadly, I’ve spent too much time looking at loading screens in GTA Online. Since we’re talking about GTA V problems, then here’s another one – going too fast in GTA Online will bring your framerate way down.

This game is still amazing and the PS4/Xbox One version is the best definitive version of this title. We’re still waiting for heists, but they’re closer than ever with the recent heists reveal. GTA Online is a great place to just hang out, troll some people, then jump into a mission and unwind after it with a smoke. I’m going to keep playing it until the next GTA comes out, enough said.

This War of Mine

The third title in this list is a bit different. I’ve invested over 200 hours in Kerbal Space Program and at least 100 hours into GTA V. This game took 10 hours of my life, and I will never return to it. This game is powerful. This game is about war. Real war, not the action-packed, quick respawn wars in most video games.

In this game you take charge of a small group of survivors of a war. They are civilians attempting to survive on the streets of a war-torn city. They’ve already been hurt by the war. They need to survive.

This game would seem to be a fairly typical title, where you have a base and go out to do something, then come back and upgrade the base. It is, but in this game all of the odds are stacked against you. You’re all just civilians in a war zone. You don’t have weapons and everyone else does. You’re not ready to do whatever it takes to survive.

When I finished my first playthrough of this game, I was spent in every way possible. One was killed when going against an armed soldier, she died from horrible wounds. He took his life in the end. This game is all about the horrors of war. In fact, it isn’t a game. This is an experience. If this doesn’t convince you that wars are horrid and monstrous affairs, then nothing will.

I’ll end it here. Check out these three games, if you find them compelling. Have a safe holiday season. See you next year. Game Responsibly!

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