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GP Picks For 10/24/2014

Posted October 27, 2014 by Ivan "Tech Curse" Mashkov in Features

Welcome back to the weekly Gaming Precision feature, where we break down four great games that you should check out this week. Welcome back to GP Picks! This week we have a dance game, a crazy sequel, another entry in one of the premier strategy games and our pick from Japan.

The next entry in the Just Dance series will give gamers a chance to dance to their favourite beats. Just Dance 2015 takes players on a ride with the “Community Remix” mode, where other players appear instead of the default performer. Have everyone dance together with the Just Dance Now smartphone app that allows any number of users to dance together and compare just how well they did. Dance to the tune of one of the 45 available tracks. Have fun alone or with your friends.

Save your friend from the depths of hell in the next game featuring Bayonetta. Bayonetta 2 is taking players on a ride in this action-packed adventure to the gates of hell and beyond! Jeanne, the antagonist from the first game, gets thrown into the depths of hell, when a demon summoning goes wrong. It’s up to you to break through angels and demons to save her.

The gameplay, generally, hasn’t changed much from the original game. It still has that unique Platinum Games combat style, which includes some unique special powers from the previous game, like Witch Time and Torture Attacks. Strive to get the highest score “Pure Platinum” and work your way up to the Umbran Climax, which will turn you into a tornado of destruction. This is one of the most exciting games on the Wii U.

Choose the future of humanity in the latest entry in the premier strategy video game series, Civilisation. Enjoy the familiar turn-based experience on an unfamiliar landscape, with dangerous creatures and different research trees. Instead of massive historic empires and unique personalities, choose the organization that backs the first settlers on another planet, the type of vessel and what kind of people are on board.

One of the more outstanding features of the game is the “affinity” system. Players are able to choose from three paths to develop their civilization. The Harmony affinity aims to adapt to the planet by using genetic manipulation and domesticating local wildlife. The Supremacy affinity is attempting to change humans using advanced technology, so that they can overcome anything their environment throws at them. The Purity affinity attempts to make the planet more Earth-like, while remaining isolated in powerful defensive structures.

The final title today is Samurai Warriors 4. The latest game in the Samurai Warriors series takes place, again, during Japan’s Sengoku Period and includes many historical figures. This hack and slash title offers players the chance to take two of their characters into battle and switch between them on the fly. Create your own characters and experience this exciting time in Japanese history with Samurai Warriors 4.

That’s it for this week! Remember to check Gaming Precision for more great news articles, features, impressions, reviews and more. Keep going at your backlog, however don’t forget – Game Responsibly!

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