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Valve Launches Steam Discovery Update

Posted September 24, 2014 by Kat in News

Valve is looking to make some pretty dramatic changes to Steam as they’ve just released the Steam Discovery Update, which offers new means of accessing and working through the online retailer’s growing catalogue of games.

The publisher has revealed that just in this year alone, between January and now, there have been 1300 new games added to Steam.  By comparison, 304 were added during the same time period last year.  One of the big intentions of this update?  To improve the way users can find and access new games.

As part of this update, there is a new and smarter homepage that offers personalized recommendations based off of gameplay, as well as search and discovery tools.  In addition, users can filter out already-owned games, or games of no interest, in order to cut down on the glut.

Another part of the change is the support of Curators, which are individuals or groups that post reviews and recommendations on the public forum.  Other users will in turn be able to follow Curators and rate their respective reviews.  Valve has said all the changes made have come as a result of dialogue held with publishers, developers, and customers.

Valve’s Alden Kroll said regarding this update, “For a long time, we knew we had a throughput issue where we were not publishing enough of the submissions to Steam.  Roughly one year ago we started introducing new tools and systems to correct that and, almost immediately, discoverability was identified as the next big issue we would need to tackle. Most developers will rightly want to see proof that the new system works. But, at the same time, they are fully aware that this issue needs to be addressed.”  He then went on to say that there will be anticipated changes in a period of adjustment and “this is just the start of something new.”

Source: GameSpot

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