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Destiny Servers Are Being Blocked On College Campuses

Posted September 12, 2014 by Bunneh3000 in News

Ok so, college students are running into an interesting problem while in their dorms. They are being blocked from being able to play Destiny! Apparently, an error codenamed Centipede Error is popping up when college networks decide to block access to Destiny’s servers.

Students all over bombarded the Bungie forums for help on how to bypass this and Bungie was actually kind enough to provide them a work around. Of course, this work around requires access to network settings. Since providing students with the ability to change these settings would allow them to wreck all kinds of havoc possibly, this kind of access typically isn’t available. As you can imagine, the twitter hashtag #fixcentipede is running rampant and Bungie is hoping that college IT moderators will implement the fix they’ve provided.

In the meantime, college kids are stuck looking at the title screen of their shiny new MMOFPS while their teenage brother giggles at home and plays thru the game in a few days! Ok, ok. Low blow.

Still, the hype-monster of a game has driven a huge 50/50 split in the gaming community and it will be interesting to see how Bungie manages the wave of negative feedback. Keeping in mind that this game IS an MMO, there is hope that changes and content galore (hopefully outside of the planned DLC) is on the horizon.

So, while all of you college geniuses are awaiting your IT group to help you out, feel free to catch your boy Bunneh3000 on streaming his adventures against the darknessess of Destiny!

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