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Titanfall’s Frontier’s Edge DLC Now Available

Posted August 1, 2014 by Bunneh3000 in News
Frontiers Edge

Titanfall fun, Titanfall fun. Where fore art thou Titanfall fun? All the speed and wall jumping parkour in the world can’t sustain the’t sustain the interest of diehard FPS afficionados for long. Many of us mech maniacs have managed to remain regulars in the various playlists (even the blah Marked For Death one) for all this time but are craving that next significant update or DLC to revive our waning interest.

True to old school Call of Duty form, Respawn Entertainment has delivered yet another chunk of multiplayer map madness for their rock ’em sock ’em shoot ’em up robots. Available now as a DLC map pack, Frontier’s Edge is the latest $9.99 three map offering for Titanfall.

Digsite is a rock infested mining facility map that even has an iconic massive spinning saw within it to add just the right amount of character to the mech massacre experience.

Haven is a bright and shiny luxury vacation spot the just so happens to be the newest getaway for Titans and Spectres. Poor little Grunt bits are destined to be everywhere. For shame.

Then there is Export which is, well, another map with industrial stuff in it.

To accompany this DLC though there was a free update with an interesting new addition. Now there is an in-game currency that is rewarded through gameplay. What do you buy you ask? Well, burn cards! Where do you buy them? In the new ‘black market’ store that was added. There you can sell rather than discard burn cards as well as buy packs of new ones rather than always waiting for challenges.

Unfortunately, there was no additional weapons or Titan types or attachments or, well, stuff that most of us would like to see to make the game more interesting. Oh well. Guess I’ll just go stomp a few Spectres for some more chump change!

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