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Battle Princess of Arcadias Review

Posted July 16, 2014 by David in Reviews

Battle Princess of Arcadias is a side scrolling, 2D, action RPG full of fun.  But do not let the name fool you like it did me.  I will be honest, I expected it to only be only slightly challenging and started the game expecting to be entertained by the silly story, and awed by the cartoony graphics, but only two parts of this were true.

Developer: Apollo Software

Publisher: NIS America

Released On: PlayStation 3

Release Date: June 17th, 2014

Battle Princess of Arcadias is not for the faint at heart, at least at first.  The game does become easier to play as you progress but gives a lot of tough love at the beginning.  There is a tutorial to help you understand combat, item usage, and squad tactics.  While you have a few characters to switch between (with unlocking more as you progress) they need to be leveled up properly and balanced to help make the game a bit easier.  Switching between them is simple and quick with the press of a button.  There are also times where you have a squad to command that fights with you.  This is done with a simple command menu with options like “attack” or “defend”.  While the menus themselves are pretty simple, it’s a bit clunky to cycle through the commands during combat while also controlling your own character.  This can lead to your defenses not being put up fast enough and causing you to lose troops.  While this doesn’t totally kill the experience, it can make the game very frustrating at the beginning until you get the hang of it.


The game is broken up into stages that each have their own missions or “scenarios”, such as just getting to the end 2D beat’em up style, skirmish, and boss fights.  In Skirmish, you control a chosen brigade against an enemy brigade.  Some brigades work better against others and this is figured out quickly.  The first boss fight happens early in the game and does not take it easy on you.   This is the first time you are given a squad to fight with you and the game explains how boss fights work.  Pretty straightforward but again, with the command controls it can be frustrating.  I was stuck just on that one fight more than I care to admit.  But with practice and determination it can be beat, I just takes some planning and not something you can just rip through.  

The games story has a very goofy anime style to it and while it doesn’t really have much direction, it’s still entertaining.  You are Princess Plume and the world is in danger and it’s up to you and your friends to save it.  The prince has been turned into a goose (yes, a goose) and now you’re the heroine assigned to save the day!  The characters are somewhat over the top versions of general characters you would see in other anime and do lack some originality but game play-wise are different enough to keep the game fresh.

What turned me on to Battle Princess of Arcadias before playing it were the screen shots of the backgrounds.  The stages and characters have a very hand-drawn cartoony look to them which I really enjoyed.  The stages had a look like I was watching a Saturday morning cartoon.  This never got dull and each stage was as beautiful as the last and very pleasing to the eye.

Overall, here are my final impressions of this game.  At no point is this game going to take it easy on you and that’s not really a bad thing.  Getting used to the game play and controls just takes some time and while frustrating, it can also be very rewarding.  The graphics are beautiful and really helped keep the experience going.  Do yourself a favor and torture yourself with this game.  It’s worth it.  

Final Score:

4 out of 5


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