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BioWare Releases Screenshots for The Fade, Therinfal Redoubt

Posted June 4, 2014 by Kat in News

A week out from E3 and BioWare has released further screenshots and information about the next couple of locales that will be part of the world in their upcoming RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition.  For this round, we learn further information about the Fade itself and a new location known as Therinfal Redoubt.

With these screenshots come confirmation that gamers will be returning to the Fade for the third game, the other-worldly universe that exists as a sort of magic- and demon-infused sibling to the world of Thedas generally accessed by those who are dreaming and those using lyrium.  Gamers will remember that the Fade played a prominent role in Dragon Age: Origins during the freeing of the Mage’s Tower, as well as making a brief re-appearance in Dragon Age II.  Given that our protagonist for Inquisition is said to who have walked out of a rift in the Fade, it stands to reason that it will play a key role in this game.  Descriptions that accompany the new screenshots speak of the Tevinter Imperium’s attempts to chart the Fade, but which ultimately failed given that it is constantly in flux.

The second locale, Therinfal Redoubt, was once a training ground for Seekers. Seekers work exclusively for the Chantry, and before the fortress was abandoned due to lack of finances, it was where those who would become Seekers were sent to be taught “patience”. Described as “a castle in the wilderness” it had no nearby settlements or cities to keep students from being tempted or distracted.

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