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Titanfall: Expedition Debut Trailer Revealed

Posted May 13, 2014 by Ivan "Tech Curse" Mashkov in News

Respawn Entertainment has revealed the debut trailer for the first DLC pack to come to their hit first-person shooter. Titanfall: Expedition features three new maps that will offer both pilots and titans a more action-packed and intense experience.

Swampland will feature tall trees that experienced pilots will be able to use in order to keep wall-running to victory, however titans will not be getting the short end of the stick, they’ll be able to use the giant trees as cover and stay alive for longer.

Runoff will force pilots and titans to contend with enemies on multiple levels starting from the drainage canals below to the upper walkways. It will feature strategic routes that can be used to access various levels of the map and long sightlines the will make snipers even more relevant than before.

War Games is set in a virtual reality simulator on a map that is perfect for wall-running. Pilots will be ruling the map in this weird virtual space, however titans won’t be pushovers either.

Expedition is one of three planned DLC packs for Titanfall with each individual pack costing $9.99 or all three available for $24.99 with the season pass. It will be arriving on Microsoft’s current generation console and PCs in May and on the Xbox 360 in June.

We look forward to seeing you on the Frontier!

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