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Microsoft Announces New Reputation System for Xbox One

Posted March 31, 2014 by Bunneh3000 in News

Playing in the digital web-o-sphere can be a scary thing at times. Parents are always worried about those choice moments when their kids decide to play online and encounter those foul mouthed idiots who can’t seem to distinguish between a game and real life. Let’s face it, the multiplayer community for a lot of the more popular console FPS shooters are typically pretty bad. This has even trickled into other games like sports and fighters as well. As a result, Xbox has decided to detail their new reputation system for the Xbox One.

While the idea is really not much different from the Xbox 360 reputation system, Microsoft is making it known that they will police their multiplayer space. Foul language and behavior won’t get you instantly kicked off (with online reports from fellow gamers). Instead, warnings will be given out. Eventually, different behavior rankings will be placed upon repeat offenders. There will be bands (green, orange, and red) placed on your profile based upon where your behavior ranks. Green is commendable. Orange needs work, and red means for others to avoid you. This red band is probably the last one before Microsoft either bans your account or removes access to features such as Twitch streaming.

On top of the ranking, Microsoft plans on placing players in these groups together when matchmaking occurs as much as possible. Nothing worse that seeing the man in the mirror constantly, right?

Check out the Xbox Wire article for a more in depth look at this reputation system.

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