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First Look At Catlateral Damage – Cat Sims in 2014

Posted February 19, 2014 by Ivan "Tech Curse" Mashkov in Previews

Being the biggest fan of simulators at Gaming Precision means that I have to try to justify the existence of titles, like Farming Simulator and Car Mechanic Simulator, however it also means that I can talk about games like Catlateral Damage. This game by Chris Chung, an indie developer, is based around a simple premise.

“You are a cat. Swat stuff on the floor. 2 minute time limit. Get 100,000 points.”

Catlateral Damage’s premise is just that simple. The alpha, available now on the game’s official site, starts players off on the bed, the most likely place to find a cat. The controls are simple: WASD to move, mouse to aim and the left and right mouse buttons to swipe your paw to the right and left respectively. Anyone can pick up the game and play. Build up book combos (not really), jump to the highest shelf and remember to topple the TV violently.

This game has a unique design and the simple mechanics, however that doesn’t mean that the current iteration of the game is boring. It will take you countless tries to figure out the right way to get through a shelf, and then you’ll go on to figure out the way you want to play the game. It is the open nature of the game, that allows you to take on the room any way your heart desires.

What makes this demo stand out isn’t what it is, but what could be. Chris Chung has proven that the mechanics he created for Catlateral Damage are fun. easy to understand and can take a while to master. This game has the potential to become far more interesting with new rooms to destroy, new game modes to try out and more stuff to explore. The room in the game is filled with various items that you could only find in a room of a gamer or geek. From an Atari 2600 lookalike to robot toys it is these small touches that make it a lot more fun to go wild.

Gamers will also get pulled in due to the sheer competitive nature of the game. I tried many times to improve my score and get myself past the 250,000 points mark, if that’s even possible. It is this intense desire to perfect the closet jump or to knock down the TV as fast as it can be done that makes this game addictive.

We have been waiting for a simulator that gives us a different perspective on something seemingly mundane, that we may encounter in everyday life. It is the familiar setting of a room with books, games and other normal everyday items. Your not controlling a cat that is going through secret labs run by evil corporation, you are controlling an everyday cat that is doing something that cats do best, create a mess.

Catlateral Damage is an impressive and fun demo if you’re looking to pass the time. However, over here at Gaming Precision, we can not wait to check out the finished product.

Sources: Catlateral Damage

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This is the Japanese Tech Curse, who enjoys GTA way too much and need to lose quite a few pounds. I love open world and I love simulators, so laugh all you want. I am RRR112 on the PSN and Ouya and JTC2008 on Steam, so check me out and let's play!

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