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GP Picks 1-31-14

Posted January 31, 2014 by Esteban Cuevas in Features
GP Picks

This week’s GP Picks is brought to you by NeoGAF. We have exclusive news on various leaked info about the Xbox One. Is a new Forza Horizon coming this year? Crackdown 3 in the works? Halo 5 deeds? We are your source of leaked information that freaks big publishers out.

Hello, gamers and players, to GP Picks for the final week of January. This is the first week of the year that has a good amount of games to recommend! Two of them are re-releases but who cares! They’re great games and well worth replaying. So without further adieu, we have a definitive edition of a recent reboot, a return from the past, a kickstarted adventure and an eight armed dad.

The Tomb Raider reboot that was released last year in March was an incredible game that had extremely gratifying gameplay, various weapons to upgrade, tombs to raid, action sequences to experience, and development of a great female character. True, the story was weak, especially towards the end, and the multiplayer was beyond mediocre but it still have over 20 hours of great gameplay to experience.

What no one thought however was how the graphics could have been better. Nevertheless, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is now available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and features improved graphics comparable to the PC version but better, as Lara herself has been redefined with more detail and facial structure. Honestly, that’s not a big deal but it’s a new game for the new console and it’s a great game. If you missed it when it was first released and you have a PS4 or X1, definitely pick this up. If you have a choice, the X1 version is 30 FPS while the PS4 version is 60 FPS. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

It’s finally here, people. Broken Age Part 1 is the return of Tim Schaffer to the point-and-click adventure genre and it’s all thanks to YOU! This is the first game from the crowd-funding site Kickstarter to have huge success and after over a year of development and having the game broken (ha! get it?) into two parts, it’s finally available. It’s actually been available to those who funded it for two weeks already but has only been released for general release this week.

In the game, you play as two different characters from two different perspectives. Vella is a young girl who has been chosen to be sacrificed to a giant monster in order to appease it and save her village and Shay is a young boy who lives inside a spaceship with computers that take care of him. The game follows typical point-and-click adventure fair of solving puzzles and moving around by simply clicking around the world with the mouse. It’s a throwback to 90s style PC adventure games but update to feel new and fresh. Check it out now on PC.

Do you know what the video game industry needs more of? Funny games. It’s very rare for a video game to make you laugh or even to be whimsical in its gameplay. That’s why a release like Octodad: Dadliest Catch is so refreshing. In it, you play as an octopus dressed in a suit who is fooling everyone to believe that he is a human being. In the beginning of the game, you get married and interact with your family with daily chores like mowing the lawn, and average every day stuff like getting a cup of coffee. However, since you’re an octopus, this isn’t so easily done.

Moving around in the game is the challenge itself as you sloppily flop around, desperately trying to grab items you need, and maintain some form of normalcy. Later in the game, you’ll be confronted with people who actually can see through your disguise such as marine biologists and sushi chefs and must avoid detection.  Although it can be hard and frustrating, the sheer absurdity of the game will keep you entertained throughout. There’s also a co-op mode where each player controls a different limb. I’m sure that usually doesn’t go well but in a fun way. You can get it now on PC, Mac and Linux.

Finally, our retro pick for the week is a classic. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past has now been released for the Wii U. Why this wasn’t released earlier and on the 3DS around the time its sequel A Link Between Worlds was released, I don’t know. Regardless, the game is a wonderful title and if you liked A Link Between Worlds but haven’t played this, now is your chance.

Like with most Zelda games, you are Link and you need to save Princess Zelda from Ganon who is trying to take over the land of Hyrule. However, this game also has another villain in the form of the wizard Agahmin, who has usurped the throne in order to break the seal holding Ganon. Thought by most to be the best Zelda game in the franchise, the game plays much like its original NES predecessor but with a lot more depth and attention to detail. If you have the Wii Virtual Console version, you can pick this version up at a discount of only $1.50!

And there you have it. Another week, another collection of games to spend your money on. Each Friday, I’ll recommend games for you all to play. As always, these aren’t reviews so much as they are suggestions, as I won’t weigh pros and cons of the game. These choices will be new games released that week, but sometimes I will choose games with new downloadable content. I’ll also recommend older retro titles because sometimes you need to retreat to move forward! Be sure to check out GP Picks every week to see what’s worth picking up. Now if you’ll excuse me, NeoGAF now has leaked information about what kind of underwear Major Nelson wears.

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