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GP Picks 1-24-14

Posted January 24, 2014 by Esteban Cuevas in Features
GP Picks

This week’s GP Picks is brought to you by no one! Unlike some YouTubers out there who take secret endorsements from Microsoft and Electronic Arts, GP Picks is untainted, unsoiled, and un-corruptible! As I sit here with my delicious Double Whopper (only $5.99 in a combo), I can tell you that I will not be bought, I will not be coerced, and I will not be a mouthpiece for some corporate pig! I don’t care how much they offer me; I’ll just laugh in their face and pick up some food at Burger King, who’ll allow me to replace the french fries in any combo with their new SatisFries, which are healthier and have a less greasy taste. You should also try one of their Strawberry-Bannana smoothies or Mocca Frappé. And I will because unlike Microsoft and EA, who want only positive opinions of their games, Burger Kings lets you Have It Your Way!

Howdy-do, gamers and players, to yet another edition of GP Picks and THERE’S NOTHING COMING OUT THIS WEEK! NO VIDEO GAMES CAME OUT THIS WEEK! THE END IS NIGH! OUR BELOVED HOBBY AND WAY OF LIFE HAS GONE THE WAY OF THE DODO! LET IT BE KNOWN THAT 2014 IS THE YEAR THAT FINALLY KILLED VIDEO GA-I’m just messing with you. While there are very few titles coming out, I did manage to find a couple for you guys to pick up. I also found one that’s not finished yet but it’s free, fun and ridiculous. So everyone calm down, relax, and check out these games, including a retro take on skateboard games, a frustrating feline, and a shmup on the go.

OlliOlli is a skateboarding game that reminds me of a mishmash of 1080 Snowboarding, the N64 classic, and 720, one of the first extreme sports video games. Like a lot of indie titles, it has a pixelated graphical style, and is a 2D game. You need to jump gaps, grind on rails, and generally do tricks to raise your high score. However, just like 1080 Snowboarding, you need to press a button to land your tricks. It’s not enough to just finish your line of tricks before you touch the ground.

This makes OlliOlli one of the more difficult skateboarding games out there. I don’t know if realism is the right way to describe the gameplay as when I think of realistic skateboarding games, I think of the Skate series. Although that also brings to mind hilarious rag doll physics. Perhaps it’s better to say that OlliOlli is in a league of it’s own, a new way to play skateboarding games. It’s out this week for the PlayStation Vita via the PlayStation Network.

The retro pick of the week is once again courtesy of the Nintendo eShop, although this time it’s for the Nintendo 3DS. However, it’s similar to the game I recommended two weeks ago on the Wii U eShop. In fact, it’s technically in the same series. Life Force is now available and it’s technically a sequel or spin-off of the Gradius series and was the next game to be released after the first Gradius.

The game plays similarly to Gradius and is a horizontal shoot-em-up just like Gradius. However, the power up system has been changed. Instead of collection power ups and activating them when you want a certain upgrade, various pick ups you collect are label to identify what kind of upgrade you’ll get, meaning you’ll have to be picky with which pick ups you…well…pick up. Anytime is a good time for a classic Shmup especially with a bunch of giant aliens in space.

Finally, I want to talk about Catlateral Damage. This is a game that’s not even done yet. In fact, it’s just in its alpha stage. However, the game is available to play now, either in your browser or as a free download, and it’s more fun than it should be. You are an ordinary house cat and I guess you’re pissed off or high on catnip or something. I don’t know but what I do know is you need to run around the house and knock over all of the stuff on the shelf so it falls on the floor. You win if you’re able to score 100,000 points.

Now the way you get points is by knocking off stuff on shelves in succession, thereby getting combos and multipliers. This game is just dumb. It’s one of the dumbest games I’ve ever played but yet, it’s fun as hell. Running around, and getting 100,000 points is relatively easy but getting a higher score and testing your skill to rack up combos and knock everything down is addicting and funny. The physics of the game really help make this challenging yet fun. So go to the website and try it out! It’s free!

And there you have it. Another week, another collection of games to spend your money on. Each Friday, I’ll recommend games for you all to play. As always, these aren’t reviews so much as they are suggestions, as I won’t weigh pros and cons of the game. These choices will be new games released that week, but sometimes I will choose games with new downloadable content. I’ll also recommend older retro titles because sometimes you need to retreat to move forward! Be sure to check out GP Picks every week to see what’s worth picking up. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going enjoy one of Burger King’s scrumptious flame-broiled hamburgers, plain with cheese and ketchup only. Because I can have it my way.

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