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Gaming Precision’s VGX Highlights – Binge Responsibly

Posted December 9, 2013 by Ivan "Tech Curse" Mashkov in News

The Next Generation Video Game Awards from Spike TV, called the VGX, are over and there was a lot of fun content that made the 3 hours a good watch. There were awards, reveals, crazy characters and a GTA V concert. The show was hosted by the well known video game journalist Geoff Keighley and the now infamous Joel McHale. The show ended up being way up there on the awkward scale with things getting crazy fast. However those who watched will agree that the three hours were worth it, if nothing else, just for the new games revealed and gameplay videos.

Telltale Games Prepares For World Domination

Telltale Games had two big reveals at this year’s VGX: Game of Thrones rumors were confirmed during the show, while a totally new game was announced, called Tales from the Borderlands. The game will be based on the popular Borderlands series of first-person shooters, which have a fairly lighthearted story. It is interesting that this could be the first IP for Telltale that isn’t a serious franchise with a great deal of mature content. Both games are scheduled to come out in 2014.

It is insane, that a developer that few people knew 2 years ago, now has four hot properties to use in current and future games. Season 1 of the Walking Dead: The Game proved that the developer is able to create some of the best experiences in the industry. As it stands now, we don’t know how what the release schedule for these new IPs will look like, but it is likely that the studio will wait until the Walking Dead: Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us are fully released before releasing new games.

No Man’s Sky Steals The Show

Hello Games are known for the Joe Danger franchise, however they stole the show with their new game, No Man’s Sky. The game is a procedurally generated first-person massive multiplayer online game. The trailer for the game (at the top of the article) shows off a beautiful universe full of countless planets that you can explore. This game will have combat, though we don’t know anything about it at this point. The idea of the game is: “If you can see it, you can go there. All the stars you see are suns that are orbited by planets that you can explore.” If they even get half as much done, then the tiny British developer has a GTA killer on their hands. This is surely a game I will be excited to see on next generation consoles, whenever it gets released.

Thief, Broken Age and Quantum Break Get Updates

Thief is the long awaited reboot of a beloved stealth franchise, which we know little about aside from the dark setting and hardcore stealth mechanics. However during the VGX show we were able to get an in-depth look at some gameplay and get a feel for the story. The game looks and feels a lot like Dishonored, which was inspired by the original Thief games. It is surprising how much the game looks like Dishonored: mysterious old lady, two factions vying for power, supernatural powers (probably), etc. Players take charge of Garrett, the master thief, who return to the city after a year and a lot has changed. The game is set to hit in store shelves on February 25, 2014.

Broken Age, from Double Fine Productions, is a point-and-click adventure game from one of the creators of Monkey Island. The in-game videos that we saw showed off two unique worlds where on one hand we have a girl, who escaped her own village to not get sacrificed, and on the other hand we have a boy, who is constantly protected by an overbearing AI, yet is trying to break free. The game will release in January and is certainly on my list.

We were, finally, able to see real gameplay footage of Quantum Break. We saw very little, even during the show, but it still seemed interesting. Now a shooter with characters that are able to manipulate time isn’t something new (just look at TimeShift, an FPS from 2007 that was based around slowing down, stopping and rewinding time). The game is a linear 3rd person shooter that will give players choices to make at certain key moments. Players will follow one of two researchers on a time travel project, that “breaks” time and gives anyone near the project the ability to manipulate time. What I’ve seen and heard during the VGX award show hasn’t sold me on this game, but the premise is interesting. We’ll know more as the game’s launch date approaches, though that information is “classified”.

This was just the cream of the crop from the first VGX award show and there’s more to come. So for the latest VGX news, opinions and reviews keep your sights locked on Gaming Precision.

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