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The Indie Café: A Virus Named Tom

Posted December 10, 2013 by Esteban Cuevas in Features

Dig it, you crazy cats and kittens. You have entered the Indie Café, where corporate shills like Activision and EA are shown the door. You are here because you know games like Gran Turismo are not giving you the full experience. So each week, we give the mic to your art house games, your retro titles and anything else created by gifted brothers and sisters tolling hard behind garage doors. So snap your fingers to the beat, plant yourself in a seat and lend your ear to these cool characters from the down low.

Everyone, at one point or another, has wanted to be an evil scientist. To have the knowledge to create things that would do your bidding, evil or otherwise, and to be able to think of something you want and be able to make that happen by your own means. You are Dr. X and you have created a multitude of inventions that have made daily human life much more easier. Teleportation devices, moving sidewalks, robotic dogs, the list goes on. So when you get overzealous and create a robot to make sure people don’t walk anymore and use the moving sidewalks, the corporation you work for promply fire you and toss you out on the street. Clearly, this insult will not do and must be answered.

In A Virus Named Tom, you are TOM, a virus that Dr. X has sent out to destroy his previous creations in retaliation for firing him and taking control of his work. To do this, you must control TOM and make a connection to the various parts of a device by switching pathways until you make a solid connection. However, you will have various obstacles in your way such as antivirus scanners in the form of spiders, firewalls in the form of red blocks that will instantly destroy the connection, and more. You also have a time limit in which to complete all of this.

The game is a lot of fun because the puzzles are challenging but not impossible. Even with the time limit, you are given enough time to think about what you need to do and put your plan into action. The game is also well paced, giving you plenty of instruction and examples of a new mechanic for you to understand. There are also leaderboards and gold, silver and bronze medals depending on how you do, increasing the replay value. There’s also co-op and competitive multiplayer! You can see it all in the trailer above.

A Virus Named Tom is developer Misfits Attic’s first game. There are other games they are working on that you can check out here and get early access but TOM is their only official release. Even more surprising is the studio is actually just a husband and wife team, Tim and Holly Keenan. Tim has experience making games like ATV Offroad Fury 2 for Rainbow Studios and Holly is the visual designer. Together they manage to make a game all their own so check out A Virus Named Tom on Steam for $10.

Can you snap your fingers to celebrate the wonders of the little known game deserving of undercover fame? Step into the Indie Café every week to hear about the best of independently made video games. If you know about a groovy but little known title made by an independent studio, send me a tweet @Colorwind with the hash tag #IndieCafe and I’ll spread the wealth. Until next time, creep out like the shadow, cats and kittens.

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