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The Gaming Precision Podcast #12: Won’t You Be My Gamer?

Posted November 14, 2013 by Staff in Features

Greetings, PlayStation fanboys and fangirls, to the twelfth episode of the Gaming Precision Podcast. Felisha is out this week but Esteban “Colorwind” Cuevas, Claire “Genki Girl” Phillips, Benjamin “B.J.” Brown, and Ivan “T.C.” Mashkov are still here to talk your ear off.

On this week’s podcast, we discuss all things PlayStation 3 and 4. With the launch of the PS4 imminent, we all talk about our best and worst PlayStation 3 memories and talk about the launch of the PlayStation 4 and the games we’ll have to pick from. We also answer some questions from the listeners and dabble in racism?

Listen to our podcast by clicking on the link below and be sure to check back here every Thursday at 12 pm Pacific time for the next episode of The Gaming Precision Podcast. You can also subscribe to the podcast through iTunes so you’ll never miss an episode!

The Gaming Precision Podcast #12: Won’t You Be My Gamer?

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