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Grand Theft Auto V review

Posted November 13, 2013 by Ivan "Tech Curse" Mashkov in Reviews
Top of the World!

Welcome To Los Santos!

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most prominent video game series in existence. This series is responsible for creating some of the most believable digital worlds ever. Rockstar Games has affected the lives of millions of its fans with the wit, humor and borderline insane attention to detail that they bring to each game. GTA V is a work of art with the tireless contributions of thousands and massive financial investment. This game is a masterpiece, yet certain flaws are apparent.

Grand Theft Auto V

Developed by Rockstar North

Published by Rockstar Games

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Released on 09-17-2013

The story is set in the insanely beautiful world of Los Santos and Blaine County, which lies in the proud state of San Andreas. We are shown the lives of three very different men with different hopes, dreams and nightmares. Michael is the one who won – he has a mansion, a sexy wife, two kids and a lot of free time. However this is revealed to be just an illusion – the mansion has many mortgages, his wife cheats on him and he on her, the kids hate him and his free time is split between arguing with his wife and drinking himself senseless. Franklin is the up and comer, the typical GTA protagonist, who wants money and the things that its abundance brings. Trevor, Micheal’s long-lost friend and partner, has spent almost a decade on the run from the law and has set up a small budding criminal empire in the sticks. He mourned Michael, who he thought died nearly a decade earlier and is still reeling from the revelation that the man he though was killed by the law is still alive.

The interactions of the three main protagonists are highly entertaining and, after Michael gets back in the game due to pressing financial troubles, the trio starts doing jobs to get the cash flowing. All is well, and even though they don’t always get the big score, and their FIB (GTA’s FBI) keepers keep interfering along the way, life is good. Then, abruptly, players are handed the ending. The story up to this point was excellent and could on its own destroy any contenders for Game of the Year. This ending nearly wipes out the history, conflict and motivations of the protagonists that players have come to understand and even, at times, respect. The ending can be one of three choices and none of them make any sense. Enemies that have long been forgotten are revived, meaningless options are given, yet none of this explains the choices that players will face. I enjoyed the game for 70 hours before I hit the ending. The ending is the one thing I’d advise players to avoid in the game, but the choice is yours.

This game is a masterpiece, yet certain flaws are apparent.

The world of GTA V is massive, beautiful and full of things to do and see, including the sight of the sun rising above the clouds from Mount Chiliad. It almost seems like the world is endless, until your jet’s engines fail, you crash into the Pacific Ocean and sharks eat you for breakfast. There are few limits outside from this one and just driving around the world is fun and will force you to stop every 100 feet to take a picture. The game looks great with few glitches and other such problems. You can easily get lost in this crazy, over the top world and you should. The sound is special in every way, from the sound of the breeze in Blaine County to the radio stations, everything will always fool you into thinking that GTA is real life.

In usual Rockstar fashion, you will find many parodies of daily life, politics, big business and religion (Kifflom!) just to name a few. This is Los Santos, so the obsession with celebrity culture is on full display with paparazzi going crazy in order to get another meaningless scoop. Some of the best missions you will do in the game will come from a pair of elderly celebrity fanatics from the UK, hilarity ensues. No one is left unscathed by Rockstar’s final current generation title.

The vehicles in the game are diverse and distinct, both in the driving fell and sound. This is something we’ve come to expect from past games, but the large number of cars, trucks, planes, helicopters and ships blows all previous games out of the water. Some of the more crazy vehicles include: a minisub, a fighter jet, a cargo plane, a tank, and the craziest one of them all – the atomic blimp. The gameplay is a major improvement over past games in the series and is, obviously, based on improvements made in previous Rockstar games. Players will be able to keep every gun, every golf club, every minigun, which fans of Rockstar will remember from Red Dead: Redemption. The driving mechanics have been fixed and vehicles feel balanced, especially compared to GTA IV’s cars.

GTA Online is the free second game, according to Rockstar, that we get with GTA V. This online game takes players to the same Los Santos and Blaine Country, but mixes it up by allowing up to 15 other players to join them. This is a lot of fun if your into online games at all. There is a lot of fun to be had in fighting other players and cop chases that, literally, crash into you. There are a variety of activities that players may be able to take part in various missions, like survival, which has players defend against waves of enemies. However these missions don’t offer players a wide variety of choices. We can expect new content to make this online game far more interesting over time, however the game right now will not last you longer than the singleplayer campaign. Rockstar has positioned GTA Online as its own game that will live on, even when GTA V remain a distant memory, but it remains in the shadow of the singleplayer game.

Grand Theft Auto rules over all video games and this is justified. This entry in the series is the best game and a sure contender for Game of the Year 2013. The game has problems and can, at times, cease to be fun, however those who persist will be rewarded with a great story, immersive world and a crazy cast of characters that will make you believe that GTA is more than just a game.

Final Score:

5 out of 5


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