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GP Om Noms: Gummi Block Gummies! (Inspired by Kingdom Hearts)

Posted November 20, 2013 by Claire in Features

Welcome all you Keyblade Masters to another edition of GP Om Noms! This week I, the always insane Claire, am here to discuss a lovely recipe featuring a very key item in the Disney-Square game, Kingdom Hearts. Ever try to get around from world to world, but your ship just was never fast enough or never had a reliable weapon to protect your Gummi Ship? Well thankfully we have the answer for you and a way to improve your ship…with GUMMI BLOCKS!

So, when did the first Kingdom Hearts come out and what is a Gummi Ship? Kingsom Hearts was first released in 2002 by Square, which is now known as Square Enix. The game featured various Disney worlds, mixing in Disney and Final Fantasy characters from different series featuring the story of a boy named Sora and his friends following the adventures of the mysterious keyblade and the dark enemies called Heartless. Following its release, not only have sequels been made, but a manga series and other merchandise followed.  As for Kingdom Hearts, the character would get around in a ship that travelled from world to world called a Gummi Ship and was made up of various items called Gummi Blocks, which are varied squishy-like materials used to form a ship and have varied properties from speed to defense.

This week’s recipe features a way for making your own..that’s right..gummies. These gummies take very little ingredients and can be made in any shape you desire. From worms to squares to even gummy BLOCKS, this recipe is not only fun for adults, but kids as well. Adults however, can add an adult spin on it and add a little alcohol to the mix if they so wish. So..let us get started shall we?

Ingredients Needed:

  • 1 cup any fruit juice of choice (flavored will add flavoring to your gummies)
  • 1 tablespoon lemon OR lime juice (I personally like lime juice)
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 3 packs of gelatin, unflavored
  • Alcohol, such as vodka or even flavored vodka (Optional)

First, combine only a 1/4 cup of the fruit juice with the lemon or lime juice in a bowl (this is where you can add alcohol if you choose to have alcohol in these gummies). Save the rest of the fruit juice. Add the gelatin to the fruit and lemon or lime juice mixture and DO NOT stir then set to the side.

Secondly, take out a small saucepan and add the sugar and the rest of the fruit juice from the step above. Turn the burner onto medium and slowly stir until the sugar dissolves. Afterwards, let it boil then remove from the heat. Turn off the heat and mix it in with the gelatin and juice mixture. Stir together to combine and then let the mixture cool. Either with molds, such as candy molds, square baking pan, or even an ice cube tray, pour the cooled gelatin/fruit juice/sugar mixture into the molds or pan and allow to sit in the refridgerator for about 3 hours or until firm.

After the 3 hours, carefully remove them from your molds or your pan and either cut them into shapes or let them be the shapes they are from the molds. If using a baking pan, you can use cookie cutters to cut out shapes after they have firmed! Toss them in a little extra sugar to prevent them from sticking in the summer or place them in the fridge!

And walah! You have finished with your gummies! Grab a few, take some to eat on the journey, build your own gummi ship and take off to Hollow Bastion!

This recipe is easy for families and friend sot do together, so give it a try! Until next time fellow wielders and gamers! EAT WELL AND GAME WELL!

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Hey there! My name is Claire. I'm a fellow video game lover and a really great cook. I've been gaming since I had my first console being the NES back when I was about 7. I loved to play Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past almost constantly! From there I played Super Mario All-Stars and Donkey Kong Country 2 on my Super Nintendo! I currently play games on my PC, PS3, and occasionally my Xbox 360 and my Nintendo 3DS! I love games and I am so glad I go into them. When you need an escape, remember that games can take you anywhere! Want more games? Check out my gaming channel!

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