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Neverending Nightmares Meets It’s Funding Goal Due To Pledge Mistake

Posted October 1, 2013 by Felisha "Nightingale" Silva in News

A lot of gamers everywhere are happy to hear that Neverending Nightmares met their goal on Kickstarter and will actually be available come next Fall. For those of you unfamiliar with Neverending Nightmares, it’s  horror game with a slight autobiographical storyline that delves into the horrors of dealing with depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder, also known as OCD. The game comes from Retro/Grade creator Matt Gilgenbach. A lot of people wanted to see this game become a reality due to the fact that it deals with real horrors that face millions of people each day. Now Neverending Nightmares didn’t meet it’s goal without a few mishaps along the way, but everything worked out in the end due to the awesome gaming community that was behind the funding of the game.

When the campaign was nearing it’s end, a backer from Brazil by the name of Gabriel Pinto decided to raise his pledge by just a bit more. Pinto wanted to pledge $95.00, but since he separates his dollar amount from his cent amount with a comma rather than a decimal point, Kickstarter saw the $95.00 as $9,500. Because of this accidental pledge, it sent the game past it’s goal of $99,000. Seeing as how it was a huge mistake, Pinto tried to retract his pledge. But due to Kickstarter’s rule that if your withdraw you pledge to the point that it reduces the funds to below it’s goal, he wasn’t able to take back what he had mistakenly, and painfully, pledged. Pinto told Joystiq that he ‘felt terrible’ and found himself later on the project’s comments ‘crying and breathing heavily’.

All of these comments were seen by another backer by the name of Thomas Davis, who decided to help out his fellow pledger. He took it upon himself to raise his pledge by $3,000, so that Pinto could reduce his amount down some. Davis sent an email to Joystiq, telling them about his decision to raise his pledge.

I don’t mind helping out. I did not do much though. I knew it was going to fund anyway and I did what I did mainly to change the attitude of the comment stream. Everyone was panicking and poor Gabriel was confused and stressing out. By fronting a little funds for a short time, it kept the experience a positive one for everyone.

Soon after Davis stepped forwards and pledged a higher amount, several other backers decided to do the same, basically resulting in Pinto’s and Davis’ pledges to return to their normal amounts as originally intended.

Because of how the community responded to the mini-crisis, Gilgenbach emailed Joystick and made the following statement saying that he was “humbled to be associated with such great people”. He even went on to say on the game’s Kickstarter page that as a thanks to Davis and Pinto for their pledges, he would “strongly consider” naming the main characters Gabrielle and Thomas.

We can expect to see Neverending Nightmare come out in the Fall of 2014 for Linux, Mac, Ouya, and PC.

[Source: Joystiq]

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