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More Info About Ultra Street Fighter IV

Posted October 28, 2013 by Kat in News
Ultra Street Fighter IV

Capcom has release more details regarding the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV add-on, including a few new specific systems and attacks.  The “Double Ultra” can be selected at the start of a match, giving the player access to both Vanilla SF4 and SSF4 at the same time.  The cost to the benefit, of course, being that they both will do less damage.  The other system is the Red Focus – which has all the properties of the Standard Focus Attack, but also allows the player to rapidly go through multiple hits in a row.  It’s not yet known how much the Revenge meter the player to will build off taking hits while in Red Focus.  Capcom also believes it has successfully removed every unblockable attack from the game.

Ultra Street Fighter IV has been facing what possibly looks to be more delays, as its “early 2014″ window for release is becoming more and more questionable.  Not two weeks ago, Capcom Senior Product Manager Matt Dahlgren said, “Ultra Street Fighter IV is not where it should be at this point.”  In addition, the game made no appearance at New York Comic-Con earlier this month, and there’s still been no word on the as-of-yet unknown fifth character.  While delays to improve a game are never a bad thing, it can still be a frustrating wait for fans.  It has, however, been promised to make an appearance as playable at the Capcom Cup December 14 in Burlingame, CA, so likely, that will be when we’ll here first impressions of the product.

Meanwhile, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono announced via Twitter that they’re are looking for more employees in the development of a new, unnamed fighting game.  “I want…no, Capcom wants Game Designer and programer for New Fighting Game. Its location at Tokyo or Osaka Studio.”  Ono was clear that they’re still in the development process, and don’t yet know the intended platform, but it’s still a tantalizing hint for fans of Capcom’s fighting games.

Source: Destructoid, Destructoid, Destructoid

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