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Lionhead’s Canceled Post Apocalyptic Game Survivors Revealed

Posted October 30, 2013 by Esteban Cuevas in News

Back in 2006, Microsoft purchased Lionhead Studios, which was Peter Molyneux’s independent studio after he left developer Bullfrog. The studio went on to make the Fable series for Microsoft’s Xbox consoles. However, Molyneux has now unveiled that the studio was actually working on another title outside of the Fable series, specifically a post-apocalypse survival title called Survivors. Speaking with Edge, Molyneux discussed the premise of the game and the “incredibly cool climbing mechanic”, as well as other details about the canceled game.

You’re a member of a family, there’s you, and you play the wife or the husband, with two kids and you’re sitting around watching TV and suddenly there’s this newsflash – and it comes up and says there’s a meteor going hit and you’re got 15 minutes – the world’s going to end. What are you going to do?

You weren’t like an expert you were just a housewife or just a guy. So you started the game quite fat and chubby and we did the reverse of what we did with Fable, we morphed you to get thinner and fitter and lither. So you have 15 minutes to get ready and the world’s burning and there’s crumbling buildings and it’s immediately after that destruction.

Your parents live over here, the gun shop is over there, the food store’s over there – what are you going to do? You’re got to go and get your resources and you’ve got to decide what to do – if you don’t go to your parents then they’re gonna die.

The idea behind this game seems to be interesting. Then again, Peter Molyneux always has interesting concepts for games, and sometimes they don’t pan out. This wasn’t the only game Lionhead Studios has canned. Anyone remember B.C.? Well, what do you think of Survivors? Would you have liked to see it come to fruition?

Sources: IGN, Edge

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