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Ubisoft’s U-Play Service Coming To Xbox One, PS4

Posted September 18, 2013 by Bunneh3000 in News

So, Ubisoft has there own digital distribution/multiplayer service called U-Play. It was recently announced that the service is going to make its way to next gen systems as a separate app rather than within the game. Since around 2009, with the release of Assassin’s Creed II, U-Play was embeded as a service within the game itself.  In case you didn’t know, for most of the Ubisoft games since then, there was a U-Play Passport code that allowed access to the multiplayer modes and features of most of the games that they provided.  As a service, it was originally intended to act as an online DRM service and frequent player reward system. Even if you were playing the single player portion of the game, you would be denied access to play the game if you didn’t have an online connection. Due to gamer outrage (losing game progress due to quick internet service loss or interruption), Ubisoft finally did away with the “always on” requirement. Now, the multiplayer features are ‘unlocked’ through the use of codes provided during the purchase of the game.

Despite Ubisoft’s decision to implement this multiplayer mode unlock strategy through U-Play, their rewards system actually has provided decent in-game and digital rewards. When playing any supported Ubisoft game, the playing time and certain specific acheivements are tracked by U-Play. Once the acheivement is attained, U-Play points are instantly awarded. The player then could go to the U-Play dedicated site or screen or website to ‘cash in’ their points for the desired award.

With that said, what does this all mean for the next-gen iteration of the system? “The thing I can’t say, because we’re not quite ready to show it, because of next-gen and because of the advancements on the technological side as well, our key focus is to make this experience as simple and seamless as possible,” Ubisoft’s Stephanie Perotti told digitalspy. Perotti continued, ”The barriers we had on previous generations of consoles go away. It’s not like a barrier to go there and to redeem a reward, but it’s something we will bring to you naturally in your game.”

Apparently Ubisoft is seeking to utilize Twitch TV streaming, save, and chat services through this new iteration of U-Play as well. This is particularly important for Ubisoft since their PC application also distributes third party companies’ games as well.

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