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League of Legends Spotlight: Welcome to the Jungle

Posted August 14, 2013 by Noxxic in Features

Welcome back to the spotlight summoners, where this week we are going to cover every aspect you need to know of how to dominate the jungle and all of those surrounding it. The jungle is the most difficult role to play as your team relies on you to get them kills and keep up with the rest of their experience and gold while you’re not even in a lane the same as them. See it’s easy for somebody in middle lane or top lane to jump ahead in levels because they’re alone and just killing minions all game whereas the jungle has to time how he clears out ‘creeps’. Now the creeps I’m referring to are the jungle camps throughout the map with approximately five camps on each side and one Dragon and the Baron Nasher camp.

These camps provide you with boosted experience as well as extra money so that you can keep up with your teammates. You will roam the jungle, focusing on buying the recommended build in game so that you can survive and get the items best suited for your champion. Clearing out those camps will drain your health so my recommendation is to get items that have life steal as well as buy some health potions and have your teammates “leash you”. By “leashing”, I mean they assist you kill the starting blue or red buff camps that are extremely hard to solo. The blue buff will give you cooldown reduction and recharge your mana. The red buff will add a burning to your auto attacks and dependent on the champions you are using, each buff will be optimal for those champions.

Ganking is also the key aspect of jungling as the brush in the jungle will hide you from sight. If an enemy champion is pushing out too far or if they are out of position, it’s your job to move in on them and neutralize them where they stand. My recommendation for a beginner jungler is either Warwick or Nunu because they have really high sustain which means you can run around the jungle for a very long time and each them have a slow or stun for ganking and both benefit from both jungle camps. When you are going to gank an opponent, my recommendation is to make sure that whoever in your lane that your ganking for is ready and willing to jump in on the enemy champion otherwise you could end up getting killed yourself.

The jungle is all about knowing when to show up and knowing when to hide. Before you know it you will be taking down the dragon and eventually the Baron Nasher which gives you a continuous boost to damage and regeneration. Make sure that you’ve played the other lanes to understand how they work before jumping in to the jungle and next week, we will go in to something that can apply to all lanes and champions and how important they are. Items and how they are purchased will be our hot topic on the next, League of Legends Spotlight.

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