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GP Picks 8-9-13

Posted August 9, 2013 by Esteban Cuevas in Features
GP Picks 8-9-13

This edition of Recommendations of the Week is brought to you by Phil Fish. Be sure to check out Fez II, which is currently in develop—oh wait. He left the game industry. And canceled Fez II. Hmm. I guess this week’s edition is brought to you by change. And to celebrate that, Recommendations of the Week will now be called GP Picks! Change! It’s always happening!

Welcome back to the newly renamed GP Picks! It’s been yet another hiatus but we are back; funnier, raunchier, and more desperate than ever. We’re like Madonna last year or Dead or Alive Xtreme 2. It’s summertime and you know what that means! Not a damn thing is being released right now! But never fear, GP is here to sift through the bland and insignificant and find those titles to quell those summer woes. This week comprises of cute little plant creatures, the next epic JRPG, IndiePalooza, and BOOBS!

The biggest release this week is Dragon’s Crown, a beat-em-up with deep RPG elements from creators of fan favorites Odin Sphere and Muramasa. The hand drawn graphics that Vanillaware is known for makes a return and the game looks beautiful as a result. Of course, there’s also characters drawn in suggestive ways, such as a female soldier laying on her back, legs spread or the Amazon character’s bulbous butt or the Sorceress’ MASSIVE, JIGGLING BOOBS! The game has receive a lot of controversy over its character design but wherever you fall on that issue, Dragon’s Crown has the gameplay to back it up. The game on the PS3 supports four player local co-op, as well as online, and the chaos that ensues is the kind of thing you and your friends will be talking about the next day. The giant monsters and vast worlds will keep you interested, granted if you can look past the MASSIVE, JIGGLING BOOBS! Dragon’s Crown is out now for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and the PS3 version is 10 dollars less than the normal $60. Ain’t that nice? The MASSIVE, JIGGLING BOOBS come at a discount!

Speaking of the PlayStation 3, that’s not the only great Japanese game coming to the console this week. Exclusive to the PS3 and coming after almost two years from the original Japanese release is Tales of Xillia. The latest in the Tales series of RPG games, this game actually lets you play as two different characters, Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell, meaning that you’ll want to go through the game twice. Seeing as this is a Japanese game and there’s a female character, Milla obviously has MASSIVE, JIGGL-oh wait. Milla is actually reasonably proportioned. I guess the Japanese are not constitutionally required to design women to have watermelon boobs. Much like many of the previous Tales games like Tales of Symphonia, the game has this unique action RPG approach to combat that allows for strategy and involvement. In fact, a lot of Xillia resembles the past Tales games and honestly, this is just another. That’s not a bad thing though and this is yet another solid title in the franchise so go get it now on the PlayStation 3.

The Japanese are on a roll with their RPG style games so next is Pikmin 3! Hmm. This isn’t a RPG at all. In fact, there’s not a scantily clad women to be found! Instead, there’s nothing but astronauts and these funny looking plant people who take out walls and enemies by overwhelming them like an army of ants. Yup, those damn cute little Pikmin are finally back after a long hiatus that lasted nine years and they look better than ever in HD. In case you don’t know, Pikmin 3 is actually a real-time strategy game that has you micro manage the Pikmin to help you collect plants, as well as remove obstacles and battle the wildlife on the Pikmin planet. New to this Pikmin is a multiplayer mode called Bingo Battle and three characters to control instead of one or two. Pikmin 3 is out now for the Wii U and…HEY! There’s something to play on the Wii U! Now you have to get this game because there’s nothing else!

Now, normally I would recommend an old game here but there are so many good indie titles coming out this week that I’m gonna do a rapid fire IndiePalooza! Okay! First we have Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on the Xbox Live Arcade. The first game in this year’s Summer of Arcade, you play as two brothers with one controller and solve puzzles. The story is really heartfelt and is really challenging so give it a shot. Next is Papers Please on Steam. You check peoples papers at the Arstotzka border (which is really like Russia) and decide if they can be permitted into the country. It’s a unique simulation game for those of you who like off-kilter titles so check that out. Next is Ibb and Obb on the PlayStation Network for PS3. It’s a co-op puzzle game like The Bridge or Braid that has you manipulate gravity with these cute little creatures. Next up is Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians on PC, which is a musical action adventure game kind of like Sound Shapes. You move around as this little blob thing and maneuver around obstacles and beat enemies to the beat of the music. Finally, Guacamelee, a previous pick in this feature, is now available on Steam. So go check that out.

And there you have it. Another week, another collection of games to spend your money on. Each week, I’ll recommend games for you all to play. As always, these aren’t reviews so much as they are suggestions, as I won’t weigh pros and cons of the game. These choices will be new games released that week, but sometimes I will choose games with new downloadable content. I’ll also recommend older retro titles because sometimes you need to retreat to move forward! I’ll do this segment every Friday so feel free to let me know what titles you’d like to see on GP Picks by sending me a tweet @Colorwind with the hashtag #GPPicks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m setting off on a quest for the elusive Phil Fish. They say he can be found in the darkest and dankest of abandoned arcades, still writing tweets to his haters and keeping Fez II under lock and key.

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