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Call of Duty Black Ops II’s Final DLC is Apocalypse

Posted August 12, 2013 by Noxxic in News
apocalypse pic

Call of Duty Black Ops II has finally reached the end of its repetitive DLC releases and their last one has been announced. It’s fitting that the last DLC for Call of Duty Black Ops II is named ‘Apocalypse’ and there has already been a teaser or two about the final zombie mode. Apocalypse looks interesting to say the least and I can say with confidence that they have saved the best for last by adding four maps, two of which have been remade from previous Call of Duty maps and in the ‘zombie’ mode, the objective for the players is to take down a giant robot by using specific weapons at the right time and working together.

Accorrding to Destructoid, “…Set in a Dieselpunk World War I-era France, Origins stars the familiar Tank, Nikolai, Takeo, and Rictofen as they fend off the undead nightmare in trenches. And attempt to take down a “1,000-foot-tall robot abomination.” Great. You’ll use period-appropriate weapons, including some that have a supernatural twist; a diesel drone; Mark IV tank; and a new perk machine. As for the multiplayer maps, the list includes: Pod, a failed utopian community from the ’70s that’s on a Taiwanese cliffside; Frost, a frigid European city with a prominent bridge; Takeoff, a remake of the map Stadium from Black Ops; and Dig, a new take on World at War’s Courtyard.”

Some are actually upset that they went with remakes from previous maps and are wondering why Treyarch has gotten ‘lazy’ but some of these maps bring back great memories with fans and I enjoy playing a new version of these maps. I’d say a big congratulations to Black Ops II for releasing a DLC that will be considered amazing before the next installment of the Call of Duty Series comes out.

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