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Tom Clancy’s: The Division Possibly Coming to PC

Posted July 17, 2013 by Noxxic in News
division pic

Tom Clancy has always been a creator of titles that gamers can’t get enough of from Splinter Cell to Ghost Recon. The next title that looks as though it will be his best work yet, and some of the most amazing graphics and gameplay will be featured in The Division. The Division is an open world, multiplayer, third person shooter that puts players in the shoes of the post apocalyptic hero role. The gameplay revealed is some of the most amazing that has been featured in any game as we see a simple take down of some criminals raiding a police station.

You and your squad (which can be filled by your friends) will have several tools at your disposal to try and restore order to a war torn New York that’s riddled with infection and outlaws. Gamers everywhere were so excited to see this game being made for next generation but when the display showed only Xbox and PlayStation, the community grew in to an outrage and there have petitions made for the title to be released on the PC at least at some point in time. According to Gamespot, “A Ubisoft representative said the following: “we’re listening to fans and haven’t ruled out other platforms”.

You would think that on a game that promotes ‘online’, ‘open world’, ‘RPG’ would provide PC players (who make up the complete population of successful MMO’s) with the opportunity to make some squads, engage in PVP, and enjoy every opportunity the console is being presented with as well. Ubisoft is still one of the greatest developers of all time and there is no way that they are going to let their fans be disappointed in the opinion of most. A PC version of this revolutionary game is being demanded by the public and now it’s time to see how Ubisoft handles it with the ball in their court.

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