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League of Legends Spotlight: Shopping the Right Way

Posted July 10, 2013 by Noxxic in Features

Welcome back Summoners, this week we will be focusing on the item shop and going over the last ‘introductory’ detail before we get in to specific champions and tactics. Building your character is one of the most crucial concepts in League of Legends and if it’s not done properly, can result in quite a mess. For those that are still unsure of what to but to start off with, Riot has provided its players with a ‘Recommended Build’ and you should always just build the items in there before you head off to your lane. Now, the amount of gold you start off with is enough to pick up a small damage item and some health potions to counteract that early game damage or pick up some boots and health potions to avoid a gap closing and run back to your tower.

When beginning your champion build it is important to note that every champion is going to need boots that provide different bonuses such as attack speed increase, or magical penetration. The reason that you will need boots is because players knew that early on, League of Legends is a game of chasing, or running away and boots can only help with both of those.  After boots, it’s time to get yourself some starting items and again, this is all dependent on where you are going to be laning. If you’re top, you will most likely want some armor and then Attack Damage items as this is where the brawlers hang out so the armor will help you sustain and the attack damage will help you get through their armor. From their, items like the Frozen Mallet and the Black Cleaver can help you as top normally has some damage with health thrown in as well.

Middle lane is normally all about Ability Power as most of the time, a mage is going to populate that middle lane. This is where the huge damaging abilities come in to play and they are all based off of the Ability Power of the champion so you will want to focus on items like the Rod of Ages and a Rabbadon’s Deathcap that will add a ton of damage to your magical abilities which is shown in the green parentheses on the spell description. You may want a few health items to last a bit longer, but the idea in middle lane is to nuke your opponent and get out.

As the Jungle, the item build is the most important thing for the role and can determine the fate of the game most of the time. The recommended build for the jungler is almost always right and I would suggest following this no matter what. The spirit items cover all three bases when it comes to magical damage, attack damage, and being a tank so pick one of these first and the recommended build will get you there the rest of the way. After those are complete, you will want lifesteal and depending on the champion, health and a movement speed use item if possible for ganking. Support will want to build almost the same way so that they have enough health to support their attack damage carry but they will want to replace those spirit items with health/mana regeneration items. The most important item in a support’s inventory are the vision wards. These are wards that last three minutes that can provide vision and stop bottom lane from getting ganked.

Last but not least is the role that relies the most on the item build and that is the attack damage carry. This is why it is so crucial that the adc is getting the ‘last hit’ on minions for the extra gold that it provides. This means they can build those heavy hitting items that much faster and carry their team to victory. The attack damage carry will want items that focus on pure attack damage and maybe some attack speed. I personally go with attack damage and life steal with a bit of attack speed to make sure all of that damage is being put to good use. Also depending on the champion, Critical Strike items like Infinity’s Edge will always be helpful as well as armor penetration items like Last Whisper.

Well there we have it, building champions in a nut shell. Whether you’re still practicing on those bots or ready to jump in to some PvP, we have covered all of the ‘basics’ when it comes to laning, building, and playing your role in League of Legends. Next week we will start looking in to strategies for a specific role and how to play that role early, middle, and late game.  Improving these builds will take practice but we will cover that more in depth on the next, League of Legends Spotlight.

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