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League of Legends Spotlight: Dominating Middle Lane

Posted July 24, 2013 by Noxxic in Features

Welcome back Summoners, to the League of Legends Spotlight where this week, we’re covering the ins and outs to ruling that infamous middle lane.  Middle lane is considered one of the most sought after lanes because those in that lane get to be the mage that melts faces and deals out the most damage. It’s funny because at the same time, there are those that avoid this lane at all costs because tey feel like the rest of the map is watching them and if they die, everyone and anyone will know about it. I wanted to cover some of the essentials to ensuring success when battling for the lane that is most often the first lane to get pushed because the team groups up and fights here.

First off, you want to make sure that the champion you select has enough sustain to last in lane because yes, losing middle lane can and almost always will be detrimental to the team you’re on. For beginners, I recommend a basic mage with some survivability like Ryze or Annie. Now what I mean by sustain (just for those that are still warming up to the League) is the ability to hang out in middle lane without having to retreat for items as many times as you would in any other lane. Making sure that your mana stays above fifty percent is important but even more important is your health staying up there.

The idea in middle lane is to get every single last hit you can, of course, but to also harass the other mage while keeping your mana above theirs. This is no easy feat so a few tips to make sure you don’t jump in too early or late is essential. It’s difficult for most players to realize that if you want to be successful in middle lane it takes a balance of conservative gameplay as well as aggressive when the time comes. If you’re starting out in middle, you should NEVER jump on an enemy champion until your jungler goes in for the kill, then it’s your job to get in there and crowd control them if possible with a stun or snare and blow every spell you have to get the kill.

As far as items are concerned you want a good mix of health, mana, and an emphasis on Ability Power to pack a punch in to your spells. Items like a Rod of Ages or Athena’s Unholy Grail will give you what you need to be successful in lane. Engagements should follow the pattern of waiting until your opponent casts their spells and cool downs, hopefully dodging as much as you can or mitigating damage and then using everything you got, combined with Summoner Spells (i.e. Flash and Ignite) to finish them off and just begin to run away with the kills and gold.

There are many champions to play in middle lane but my suggestion is to try out any character that is somewhat easy to play and uses mana/ability power to do their bidding. Don’t be intimidated by the hype of middle lane and just stick to the basics and you will have a blast as you blast enemy Summoners in to the ground. Next week we’re going deep in to the grass to cover every angle of the dangerous jungle on the League of Legends Spotlight.

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