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League of Legends Spotlight: Being the Top Player in Top Lane

Posted July 17, 2013 by Noxxic in Features

Welcome back to the League of Legends Spotlight where this week, we’re covering the ins and outs you need to know for being the best in the top lane of Summoner’s Rift.  Now the roles in League of Legends can also be classified by difficulty and most people say that top lane is the easiest because it’s just a one versus one. This is all debatable because everyone plays differently in their respectable lanes but top lane is always (or should always be) the bruiser of the group who excels at brawling and team fighting so if you’re not careful, they can take the game away from you.

I’d say that the first and most important tip for playing top lane is to survive. The last thing that you want is your opponent pulling ahead of the rest of your team because they got ‘fed’ off of you giving them kills and are now too strong to get killed themselves. There are multiple ways to do this but my recommendation is to stay back in lane and only go for as many last hit kills on minions that you can while still staying under your turret. Advice for those looking to do well in the top lane is as easy as saying if you don’t get killed, you’re winning because the guys up top are typically characters that need time to build up some armor, magic resist, and damage to be a solid fighter in late tame.

Speaking of armor and magic resist, the item build you typically want to follow is to get some resistance, health, with damage outweighing those by just a little bit. This will give you some solid survivability but still make you a force to reckon with. Fighting style is all preference but from personal experience, I find that it’s best to play as a reactionary champion, in that you let that champion try to hit with an ability or two and if you can react fast enough to make them miss, that’s when you use a gap closer of some sort to go in and use your moves. Getting greedy in top lane will almost always relate in a loss up top becuae you open up the lane for the jungle and can even get targeted by the enemy tower if you get greedy enough.

One last thing to watch out for is the jungler as they will be coming to top lane through the river quite often (or at least they should) since it’s just you and one other champion in lane. They will typically try to jump on you from the bushes in the river and you can tell if this is going to happen almost always from how aggressive your opponent is acting and if they get aggressive, my advice is to take cover under your turret. When it comes to end game, you want to make sure that you haven’t died too many times and maybe have gotten a kill or two so that you are a contender for your team an opponent for the other team. Just remember that your job is to be a ‘bruiser’, do some damage to as many players as you can and then let the mage or attack damage carry finish them off and you have a recipe for success. Some recommendations to start out with up top would be a character like Garen or Darius to learn with and eventually get in to some trickier options like Vi or even Jayce.

As we progress through this feature, we will be going over every lane from top to bottom so next week get ready for some mages and heavy damage dealers . Hopefully this was helpful enough to come out on top while in top lane and I’ll se the rest of you on the next, League of Legends Spotlight.

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