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GTA V For PC In The Works?

Posted July 17, 2013 by Leeroy Jenkins in News

Grand Theft Auto and all of its popularity might be making its way over to the PC side of gaming and fans couldn’t be happier. The game has been making so much hype in the gaming world with its story and design and with the success of Grand Theft Auto Four, anyone could have guessed that the next generation title with even more freedom and solid gameplay was going to do better. I’m not too sure why developers and publishers don’t understand that if they were to actually invest in a PC version of their game, they would make triple the money off of the sales for PC and then even more console players would wise up and crossover.

It seems that this already occurring because according to IGN, “…thousands of fans signed a petition for a PC version and listings appeared on various retailers, but nothing has been officially confirmed. It’s worth noting that Grand Theft Auto IV hit consoles in April 2008 while a PC version didn’t arrive until more than seven months later.” So as we’ve seen before, the game will not come out for PC at the same time as consoles (most likely) but according to the Rockstar job posting, they need a creator of PC games to bring their next gen titles over to PC. This is something that hasn’t been brought up in the past too often so yes, it is safe to assume that this is for Grand Theft Auto V.

While leaking this little bit of information somehow on to the super web, Rockstar also just so HAPPENED to release gameplay video of Grand Theft Auto V and how amazing it is and might I say, the graphics look as though they’ve been enhanced a bit and hopefully the PC can bring in the fluidity the game deserves.

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