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Google Reportedly Making Android Based Console

Posted July 3, 2013 by Leeroy Jenkins in News
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Google, the high hitter of the technology world, is jumping on that console bandwagon and it looks like it could be the next big console. Getting right in line with next generation, Google will be making a console similar to the Ouya form Android and after seeing the success with an easily developed console and controller, they figured why not? Google X Hardware lab and Google are working to construct devices that can be played as a mobile gaming device as well as a console. I think that with Google having so much pull in the technology world, is going to have a ton of success with whatever it is that they decide to build.

Now the fact that Google has been “watching the efforts of Ouya Inc”, according to The Wall Street Journal, most likely means we will have mobile games or not so many mainstream games when you come down to the wire. I’ve played the mobile games from Android and I have to say that Ouya did not impress me as it has impressed others because I feel like there’s nothing really pulling me to that  console so hopefully Google can create that for me and many other gamers out there.

Something that I’m having trouble understanding is whether or not they want this console to be able to run top of the line games or just do those mobile Android games. Now it is Android based but there are several things that can combine this console with Google’s operating power to make something just a bit above those already created mobile games or make sure that they know those who decide to pick up whatever they kick out will be taken care of further than ONLY android games. Yes those mobile games are a blast, but it is a refreshing change to play something a bit more advanced, especially something on a “console”.

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