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Firefall Open Beta Shows Promise

Posted July 17, 2013 by Noxxic in News
firefall pic

Red 5 has finally opened up the game that has been worked on for years to the public and it looks very promising, as due the promises from the developers as well. For years, gamers have been looking for that MMO that can provide an immersive experience similar to World of Warcraft or Star Wars: The Old Republic when those games launched. Firefall is something that promises to immers the player in to a world where they can group up with other players, feel as though they are a part of a team that has a mission, and provide lasting content.

After joining in on the open beta myself, I was able to experience some of the more common issues like connectivity and some frame rate problems but after the game ran for a bit and I navigated away from the busy cities, I got a feeling of exploration that I haven’t enjoyed since the vanilla WoW days. Running around using my jetpack boots and newly acquired ‘battle frame’ to cause some damage to enemies that were randomly generated. According to Joystiq, Red 5 stated in an interview that “With a huge MMO like Firefall, there are too many important parts to give one area “priority” over another. Even when we’re working on completely new features, we make sure that we’re constantly reevaluating the game to find areas of improvement.”

This is something that I am looking forward to as well because endgame content has been promised in the form of adding squads and making gamers feel as though they are part of an ‘endgame’ team that has a mission and is continuing to play for a reason. It’s very possible that this could be the MMO that changes everything and it’s only in open beta. More to come from Red 5 and their legacy title soon.

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