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The Last of Us Multiplayer Revealed

Posted June 5, 2013 by Noxxic in News
Multiplayer Last of Us

The Last of Us, which looks like the most revolutionary game to ever be made, has just revealed what their multiplayer gameplay will entail and how players can take this awesome gameplay to the battlefield. Naughty Dog has done a frustratingly, amazing job at keeping their multiplayer under wraps and from the gameplay revealed in the press tour, the multiplayer is going to be similar to the Uncharted gameplay online, except with several different twists that make this look like it will be the most interesting gameplay ever to be released.

Players will be in four on four matches where they will be forced to use their creative side to take out other players through sneaking, crawling, and listening, just like they have to do in the single player play through. I think that this adds what most multiplayer game modes are missing and if us as gamers can just play the game the way it’s meant to be played instead of exploiting some cheap move, this is going to create a new form of multiplayer. Players can create some powerful weapons by finding supplies in cache boxes and crafting molotov cocktails and ‘nail bombs’.

There will be objective based gameplay like stealing the supplies or pushing the enemy back slowly, so that you can obtain a certain section of the map. My favorite looks like a resource-based game that once you find enough supplies, you will win the game and getting kills on the enemies makes them drop supplies so you are fairly rewarded if you are clever and quick enough to get a player kill. With graphics, interactions and gameplay that we see in the single player that we’ve seen so far, The Last of Us and Naughty Dog will change the world of games as we know it .

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