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Scorpion Announced for Injustice

Posted June 4, 2013 by Noxxic in News
Scorpion Pic

Injustice is still going strong as one of Netherrealm’s best fighters ever made and now it seems that warriors from Mortal Kombat are migrating over. That’s right one of the all time favorite fighting characters of all time is making an appearance in Injustice and that is Scorpion. I have to say that Scorpion is introduced in one of the coolest ways out of all of the heroes already in the game. When Scorpion is going to ‘FINISH HIM’ on a defeated Sub-Zero, he is instantly teleported in to our universe and the epic fight with corrupted Superman begins. Flying all over the place and using the realm of hell, Scorpion strikes relentlessly at him whipping his chain and swords around like a machine of death in this amazing duel.

Some of his super abilities include raising fire from the ground and a devastating chain combo that leaves his target lifeless on the ground long enough to throw in a little taunt. Of course the fight that they show is fought by developers of the game and probably the best players to ever have played the game so every combo is not going to be as shown in the reveal, but if you can close to that, it’s going to be one of the coolest looking fights in the game. The ultimate has to be the coolest in the game as Scorpion brings you to his realm and as you are burning in hell, he wraps his chains around you and slams you in to rock pillars and eventually slams you so hard in to the ground that you fall through it back in to the universe you left seconds ago.

If Scorpion was added to Injustice, it leaves the creative mind wondering whether or not more Mortal Kombat characters are on their way or if some characters from other fighting games will show up.

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