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League of Legends: Welcome to Nunu’s Jungle

Posted June 3, 2013 by Leeroy Jenkins in Features
Nunu Jungle Pic

For those that enjoy running through the brush towards the monsters in Summoner’s Rift, Nunu has had some interesting changes that make him one of the top contenders in the jungle. Nunu, being one of the coolest “little people” ever, rides a yeti and has had some recent remaking, that makes him an ideal choice for navigating through the jungle and making sure that his team is taken care of. The change was made to Nunu’s consume and I have to say that this is the once change in a very long time that Riot has made that I just can’t speak poorly of.

They wanted Nunu to go back to the jungle and back to his roots so all they had to do was make a change to one ability and it changed the entire playstyle. Consume, orders Nunu’s Yeti to devour the enemy in front him (non champion) and all Riot did was add some effects for consuming monsters in the jungle. If Nunu consumes the Wolves or Wraiths, then he is able to obtain 15% movement speed whenever he kills a unit. This helps him navigate through the jungle much faster and more effectively. If Nunu consumes the lizards, or the ‘red buff’, then Nunu’s attacks deal 1% of his health as extra magic damage. This is when you’re looking to get a gank on Nunu and make sure your team ensures the kill.

The last change is that if Nunu consumes the golems, or ‘blue buff’, then he gets 10% increased maximum size and health and this is so you can survive if you try to get a kill and things don’t work out that well for you. These changes are what needs to happen to all of the other characters to help rebalance the game and I can’t wait to get Nunu in the jungle after these amazing changes.

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