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The Harbinger Twist for RIFT Mages Everywhere

Posted April 16, 2013 by Noxxic in Editorials
Harbinger Pic

For those that enjoy caster classes, disregard all of the times that I mention a mage as Trion Worlds has thought outside of the box with their new Harbinger class in RIFT’s Storm Legion. Playing a Stormcaller is an amazing feeling in RIFT as lightning flows constantly from your fingertips and you feel like the most powerful ascendant in the game. However, with the launch of Storm Legion, there is a risk/reward system that I am more than willing to take the risk on as you can burst even more damage out from your character and hit harder with a MELEE WEAPON. The supposed ‘risk’ is that you put yourself in harm’s way.

I think that if a player is good enough to be in a dedicated raid group, or group of people that clear out multiple rifts or invades in an area, that you should be able to make sure you’re not standing in the cleave that the boss throws out as well as move out of any other are of effect spells. I love that this is the ase for players in Storm Legion because it takes away from the original ‘watch my cast bar and cooldowns’ and gives them something fresh and new to work with as they charge in, electric blade first, to take down enemies. I have yet to see how viable it is in solo questing but as long as you have your greater earth elemental (tank pet) out, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem with staying safe.

The Harbinger Soul takes so many channels or casts from existing souls and makes them instant casts or charges on your weapon for extra damage as well, and the best part is that you can change the build, look, and feel of your mage all while experiencing this new role. Make sure to check out the Harbinger Soul for those mages out there.

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