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Forge Resale Is Big News

Posted April 24, 2013 by Noxxic in News
Forge Pic

For as long as I can remember, there have been gamers out there that consider themselves a PvE gamer and there are those that will never do anything other than PvP. Although I do consider myself as a gamer that will never enjoy PvP content over PvE stuff, but there are some games that just so happen to get the right mood and setting and they give you two options involving the game. These options are that you can play their game and enjoy what they are making money off of, or you can go play something else.

Forge is a PvP only game that is classified as a sci-fi fantasy shooter. Now, the reason that they call the game a shooter is because majority of the classes are ranged and the entirety of this game is landing skill shots to kill the opposing team. I have to say when somebody told me it was like a more intense version of World of Warcraft’s battlegrounds, I was intrigued because any game that is a polished version of what you used to spend hours playing on can only be better than what you played before and Forge has proven this with their re-release.

The game had originally come out a while ago and is now being released again because they cared about the game and saw the feedback that their game wasn’t bad, it just needed some work. With the addition of a couple of new classes, spells, and maps, the game is looking like it will rise to the top of the PvP charts and if you check it out on Steam this weekend, you can play the new game for free and it’s on a super sale of 5$. Not only is the game extremely cheap and a blast to play, you’re getting a ton of entertainment for five dollars and that’s something worth looking in to.

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