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EA: Demise of console gaming ‘very premature’

Posted April 1, 2013 by Leeroy Jenkins in News
dead console picture

Consoles have provided entertainment for millions of gamers for years and years and it would seem that some have taken notice to the recent shortage of console players. Now it is true that there have been reportedly, less console gamers playing the Xbox 360 as well as the PlayStation 4 but one has to remember that these rumors of the consoles ‘dying out’ are completely false and probably originated from a PC gamer. There has always been a futile fight between console players and PC players about what systems are better, one having a controller and one having better graphics and a much more mature community.

EA seems to think that the demise of console gaming is ‘very premature’ as those are the rumors going around but a typical game reviewer must look at the big picture here and that is whether or not players are leaving because they just suddenly grew a hate for consoles or because there is a reason. I can say with the utmost confidence that there is a reason and that same reason might very well why the ‘next generation’ gaming consoles are in the final stages of development right now and are going to be shipped towards the end of the year.

The reason is simply because the consoles are old and there is nothing more to it. Even just think about what number of games that we are all on, which just happens to be no lower than having a ‘4’ or even a ‘5’ at the end of them. The graphics need an over haul as well as the concepts of games but it does not mean the idea of consoles is dead. The same thing happened when the PlayStation 2 became obsolete, gamers just need to have faith and wait for the new consoles to be released.

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