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Tomb Raider timed-exclusive DLC revealed for Xbox 360

Posted March 6, 2013 by Leeroy Jenkins in News

Tomb Raider has been released and it’s being called, by most, just a good, old fashioned ‘solid game’ with a great story and a good system behind it. It’s funny to me that most gamers nowadays just don’t see a good game when it’s looking them square in the face because they want the next biggest thing that has ever been heard of or seen in the history of video games. You guys should really check out the new Tomb Raider and expect to be playing a good game that will grab your attention, make you think, and really see the creative side behind Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix.

The game has received scores no lower than an eight across the board from credible gaming resources and still remains a winner for most and has a ton of people excited for the DLC that is to be released on the Xbox 360 first (of course, of course) on March 19th. This will be a multiplayer DLC pack; yes Tomb Raider has some pretty intense multiplayer going on with a lot of creative twists behind it. The Caves and Cliffs pack will feature three new maps other than the already impressive maps that you get to play on and they will all be from memorable moments within the single player campaign so a player can say “Hey, I remember sliding across that rope right there and then swinging in to this pit over here and barely making it out alive”!

For those that are saying that it is just another Tomb Raider game, you should be ashamed since Lara Croft is considered to be one of the most iconic heroines in the history of video games and this amazing prequel tells her story. Get ready for some more DLC and some even more ridiculous adventures for the raider of tombs.

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