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The Walking Dead Survival Instinct

Posted March 22, 2013 by Noxxic in Editorials
Walking Dead Pic

One of the most popular television shows that has ever hit the entertainment world recently had a video game made after it and I have to say that I was more than disappointed with the presentation and graphics with this game. In this would be amazing title, you will play as one of the Dixon brothers before they would meet up with the rest of the group that they are with on the television show. When you start the game off, you’re playing as the father of the two boys and I have to say that the fear side of the game is the only thing it has going for it.

I do not understand where the makers of this game got off with making every single kill of every zombie the exact same way and there is nothing that you can do to change the way you stab or shoot the next zombie. I mean one missing element that the game lacked was a feeling of trying to survive while there are tons and tons of undead roaming the suburbia of Atlanta. Every time you come ub behind a zombie with a knife, you turn them around and stab them on the top of the head so that they ‘die’. Now this was always amazing in the show and it was cool the first couple of times around, but when nothing changes after the fiftieth time doing it, things start to get a little old.

I don’t think that the game was necessarily terrible, but I would not recommend picking it up right now, or at least wait and see how cheap it goes for on Steam in less than a week. Not the greatest zombie game but hopefully any games like it in the future will have a better execution and presentation.

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