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The Elder Scrolls Online Combat Revealed

Posted March 22, 2013 by Leeroy Jenkins in News
TESO Combat Pic

The Elder Scrolls Online had their first public reveal and there has not been one negative thing said about the game so far and I have a strong feeling it’s going to stay that way. Many members of the gaming news world have reported positive news about every aspect that you can cover as far as a video game, MMO, and Elder Scrolls title is concerned. What interested me the most out of all the news coming from this year’s PAX East was how many people fell absolutely head over heels for the combat system. Now this is in the early levels and you have professional video game reviewers giggling from pure enjoyment and ideas that are introduced in a game.

If I had made this game and threw it out there to the gaming community, which can have some very simplistic opinions as a whole, I would love to see the reactions that did come from this amazing experience. There are a couple of viewers in particular that catch my interest in that, they only had around two hours with The Elder Scrolls Online but they are making two hour long videos about just talking about the combat. Enemies are going to work together versus as if they fight you alone and depending on what kind of mob they are, the moves and things that they act out will be different based on their religious beliefs up to their size.

The game is going to be an animated priority MMO which could seriously affect new players as well as those with some pretty high latency which I can only assume wasn’t taken in to consideration. The combat is going to be the best thing to hit computers and now with the release right around the corner, this will truly be the next ‘big game’ in the community.

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