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System Software Gaming is NOT the Way to Go

Posted March 15, 2013 by Noxxic in Editorials
Steam Pic

I have realized that I have often been thinking of the ‘good old days’ because it seems that more and more games are deciding to be played through system software platforms. Basically what this means, is that if you would like to play a certain game, you are going to have to purchase a client in order to play that game. And not only does the game have to be compatible with your computer and your operating system, but you also have to make sure that the platform you are using it through doesn’t crash, you don’t forget your login, and that the game and the platform communicate correctly.

The reason that developers and producers think that this is such a brilliant idea is because of clients like Origin or Steam. And I am not saying anything negative about either of these two platforms because I even have both of them on my computer. I think that what Steam does is amazing with an extremely user friendly store as well as a great community and a library that lets you keep great track of your games. However, I think it should be an option for you to launch the game through Steam or get to be able to download the game directly from a website.

This also applies largely to the ‘free to play’ genre that is sweeping the nation. Typically if the game has a charge in order to play it or some kind of subscription, you can buy it directly from their website even though most people use Steam or Origin or gPotato anyway. Just think of all the problems you PC users had to troubleshoot if a game wasn’t working, and now double it thanks to this great idea.

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