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Features for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Posted March 23, 2013 by Leeroy Jenkins in Previews
Hearthstone pic

If any of you have ever played one of the modern card games lately, you would understand that there is more strategy to those games than there is on any other game. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is going to be Blizzard’s brand new, free to play card game that will feature heroes and classes from the Warcraft series. I personally was super excited to hear about this for two reasons, one being that I play Magic the Gathering and two being that Blizzard is actually going to be releasing a free to play game means that things are changing and I love that.

I was able to see a little bit of gameplay from the media that Blizzard had released already and hear from several players over at PAX East that got the experience to try it out. Apparently, a player does not need to have played Magic the Gathering or any other card game to be able to keep up in Hearthstone because it is designed to reach out to bring players in to this style of gameplay and according to most critics, Blizzard is holding true to their word (which is a first).

The game will feature a resource system very simple to understand and that is that players will have mana crystals and based on their mana crystals, they will be able to play more powerful cards with the more mana crystals they get. There will be new parts of the decks available at launch and if players don’t feel like waiting to earn all of their new cards, they can buy new sets for what might only be one dollar. The beta for this game will be available during the summer and I’d recommend this TCG for any player that has experienced World of Warcraft.

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