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Defiance: Coinciding a Television Show with a Video Game

Posted March 24, 2013 by Leeroy Jenkins in Editorials
New Defiance Pic

Many MMO players and console players alike are excited for the launch of Defiance next month of both the new television series and the game that apparently be coinciding with each other. I was so ecstatic to hear about a brand new original series that will feature aliens and humans working together and when they announced a video game will be released around the same time as the show is pretty much the moment that I passed out from excitement and awoke several hours later thinking that there is no way I will be able to hold a job or my wife with the release of this game.

I feel like it needs to also be made clear that this isn’t just some story mission game that will do exactly what the show does and look terrible while in that mimick process. No, this game is going to be an MMO, which means that when the time comes, players will assist each other, show one another what they are capable of with the ‘player power’ that they have earned up to that point, and try to level up as much as they can so they can eventually get a chance at changing the show for good with the actions they do in the game.

I think that this is the best idea to have ever hit video games and I have to say that I am certain that a lot of my money will be going to this title as well as a ton of my time. I mean, I was looking for a new show and besides the fact that it looks amazing, the gameplay that has surfaced so far looks downright amazing as well. I don’t think that I would change anything about this game other than make the release date come sooner!

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    I can’t wait for a SciFy MMO!!! So badass!

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