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Tomb Raider Pre-Order Goodies

Posted February 19, 2013 by Leeroy Jenkins in News
Tomb Raider Pic

Tomb Raider is right around the corner and now Gamestop is going to be awarding players with a ton of awards if they decide to pre-order the game. The first award is, of course going to be with content, with what looks like an extra tomb to explore as well as a pretty intense looking multiplayer map. The part that kicks it over the edge, is that there is going to be a scavenger hunt application in which players can participate in events to win awards, and free stuff in the game and outside of the game.

The game is going to be amazing as this looks like some remake ore prequel for Lara Croft because she was just downright frightened to go out and “find adventure” but it seems that “adventure finds her” when it’s time for her to go on an excursion on a ship that ends up being ripped in half while still on the ocean. The single player looks like a blast and way more dark than any other Tomb Raider game that has ever been released and this remake actually focuses on murder and more of a dark side inside of Lara.

Scavenging for different graded materials to make and craft weapons and tools to survive is one thing. Using them while you are hiding for your life is a completely different story and when the actually time comes that you are wedging an arrow between some guys eyes, there is just something wrong about it. The old Tomb Raider games had you jumping through caves and caverns just trying to survive the earth. However, this does not make the game bad at all, it makes it amazing and if you pre-order Tomb Raider, it will be that much better of an experience for you.

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