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The Elder Scrolls Online: Werewolf Vs. Vampires

Posted February 22, 2013 by Noxxic in Editorials
ww vs v pic

The Elder Scrolls Online is still building hype and there has been a recent release on “The Balancing Act”, that asks players, werewolf or vampire? Many players know from playing Skyrim that and Oblivion that, if a player chooses, he or she can become a creature of the night by being bitten by a vampire or by allying with those that have the power of the werewolf and use it willingly. There have been many discussions on this topic and one must ask, just how is this kind of customization going to work in an MMO and can it ruin one as epic as this?

There have been a couple of suggestions for the creators of the game so that it doesn’t turn in to “Team Edward or Team Jacob Online”. One of the few that I find favorable is that the player cannot just transform whenever they please and that there be a twenty four hour cool down placed on whatever transformation occurs. This can still not be very effective, however, because we all know there will be that one guild that syncs up all of their cool downs and they will all use it at the same time. Nevertheless, I think I would rather have the option in the game than Bethesda shy away from their roots and not have it in the game at all.

One must realize that in any and all games, there will be that person that finds out the “cheap perks” of being able to do something as cool as this and ruin it for the rest of us. We will all just have to deal with that problem when it comes and trust that the developers are exhausting all opportunities for players to ruin the game in any way. Have faith, soldiers of Tamirel!

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    Werewolf all the way man!!! screw sun damage!!


    I want to be a vampire lord and actually be able to use wings to fly I think that would make the game that much better


    Thanks designed for sharing such a nijce thought, paragraph
    is nice, thats why i have read it completely

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